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Scaling Best Practices Workshop from the NADE Conference

Melinda Karp’s research presentation can be found by going to

The following links are the studies referred to at the end of her presentation. Follow the links to studies from the Community College Research Center on the “Assessment of the Evidence in Developmental Education. Click on “view PDF version” to view the study in it’s entirety.

Accelerating the Academic Achievement of Students Referred to Developmental Education: A Review of the Evidence

Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges

Online Learning: Does it Help Low-Income and Underprepared Students?

Redesigning Community Colleges for Completion: Lessons From Research on High-Performance Organizations

Toward a New Understanding of Non-Academic Student Support: Four Mechanisms Encouraging Positive Student Outcomes in the Community College

Facilitating Student Achievement Through Contextualization

The Shapeless River: Does a Lack of Structure Inhibit Students’ Progress at Community Colleges?