Goals and Interventions

The following table applies to all Student Groups and subgroups

Goals Interventions
1. Reduce Attrition
Required orientation (TOP) /FYE for FTIC Students Counselor Coaching for Students in Developmental Education
2. Increase AE/Dev Ed Progressions to Credit Courses
Scale-up of Math 0385 Scale-up Implementation of Making Math Real in Adult Education Scale-up implementation of I-BEST Model in Adult Education Increase Supplemental Instruction in Developmental Education
3. Increase Gateway Course Completions
Continue Faculty Coach Process Scale-up & Implement Comp 4.0 Increase Supplemental Instruction in Gateway courses
4. Increase Persistence from Semester to Semester Fall to Fall
Student Success Course Enhancement Implement the ACC Student Success Coaching & Mentoring Program Required orientation FYE (TOP)/FYE for FTIC Students
5. Increase completion of Courses with a ‘C’ or Better
Math Advisor Plan Enhancement Enhanced Academic Support Lab Scale-up implementation of Supplemental Instruction
6. Increase Degree/Cert/Transfer Rates
Provide Comprehensive Career Planning & Support Enhance & increase Transfer Services Enhance and Increase Transfer Resources
7. Increase Success Equity
Expand & Institutionalize Men of Distinction Advising Program Enhance the Black Student Success Committee’s (BSSC) Academic Networking Events