SSI & AtD Principles & Developmental Activities

Principles Development Activities
*1. Committed Leadership
  1. Board policy review regarding  student  success
  2. Presidential Search Process
  3. Provost Search
*2. Use of Evidence to Improve Policies, Programs, and Services
  1. Continued development & realignment of  OIEA priorities
  2. Continue development and publication of institutional and departmental snapshots
  3. Annual Data Retreat
  4. IT Developing plan in include and track students through Datatel
  5. Continue College Transitions Committee data analysis and intervention evaluation
  6. College-wide dialogue about late registration policy
*3. Broad Engagement
  1. Continue Development of the Communications Plan
  2. Staff Engagement Plan
  3. Continue semester All Dev Ed meeting for  FT and adjunct faculty and SS staff  to discuss research-based practices & polices in DE
*4. Systemic Institutional Improvement
  1. Disaggregation of Data  to set target  goal ranges
  2. Development of Intervention plan
  3. FY 11 -$800,000 budget allocation for SSI
  4. Data Training via Faculty Coach Program
  5. Developmental Education Communication Plan
  6. Scaling up FYE, Math 0385, Supplemental Instruction
  7. Professional Development
    • Faculty coach process
    • Developmental Education Faculty
    • Professional Development through the Learning Labs
    • Professional Development for online instruction
**5. Use evidence to promote systemic changes
  1. Enhanced Communication Plan for First Time in College Students
  2. Increase Placement Test Preparation Opportunities
  3. Implement Tutors with a Vision program to support AISD students and the transition to ACC
  4. Plan Development for Adult Re-entry Center for students 25 and older
  5. Develop College Success Course for Developmental Math Students
 **6. Research-Based Curriculum & Instruction Enhancement
  1. Course Redesign through the Faculty Coach Process
  2. Development and implementation of Statway course
  3. Integrate Contextualized Learning into the Adult Education Curriculum
  4. Expansion of Civic Engagement/Service learning Program
  5. Develop Policy and guidelines and plans for learning communities
  6. Adult Education-Career Bridge
  7. English  for Speakers of Other  Languages (ESOL) and English as a Second Languages (ESL) Bridge Class
  8. Adult Education & Fundamental Math Collaborative

*AtD Four Core Principles

** Based on SSI Guiding Principles & Strategies