Exit Level Courses

The Exit-level courses for the Integrated Reading and Writing Department at Austin Community College are:

DEVR 0320* paired with college credit course

DEVR 0330* (Integrated Reading and Writing)

DEVW 0330  — This option takes place in a traditional classroom setting

DEVW 0130 Comp 4.0 — This option pairs Writing Skills III with English 1301.

  • The Comp 4.0 Learning Community combines a one-credit-hour Writing Skills III class with a three-credit-hour English Composition I class and is reserved for highly motivated students. You will satisfy your TSI writing requirement and earn college credit in English 1301. Ask your ACC Advisor or Counselor if you qualify or send your ACC ID# and campus preference to Rahelina Razanadrafara at rrazanad@austincc.edu.

DEVW 0231 – Grammar and Usage

Write Way to Public Speaking

  • This option is a paired course offering of Writing Skills III, DEVW 0330, and Public Speaking, SPCH 1315. Students will finish their developmental writing requirement with the writing course and gain three hours of college credit with the speech course. The essays they write in the writing class will be turned into speeches in the speech class. And they will bring their speech skills into the writing class by doing presentations.

Early Exit

  • This option is for students who receive a score of 18 or better on their Departmental Essay AND have a Writing Skills II course grade of 85 or higher have the opportunity to become TSI complete in writing. The campus Developmental Writing Advisor (DWA) must verify the essay score. The DWA will complete a schedule change form with the student’s name, ID#, phone number, WSII course grade, and course information for WSII and the WSIII-Restricted Access course. The DWA will submit the completed form to Admissions and the pink copy to the Department Chair. The WSII instructor will not submit a grade for the student.

Consult with a DRA for possible NCBR or other exit options

* A student may exit from remediation form any level of developmental reading by demonstrating exit-level competency of the departmental exit criteria.

For more information please call 512-223-4710 or 512-223-0061.