Logistics and Supply Chain Course Descriptions

BMGT 1313 – Principles of Purchasing
The purchasing process as it relates to such topics as inventory control, price determination, vendor selection, supply chain management, negotiation techniques, and ethical issues in purchasing.

BMGT 1325 – Office Management
Systems, procedures, and practices related to organizing and planning office work, supervising employee performance, and exercising leadership skills.

IBUS 1301 – Principles of Exports
Export management processes and procedures. Includes governmental controls and compliance, licensing of products, documentation, commercial invoices, and traffic procedures. Emphasizes human and public relations, management of personnel, finance, and accounting procedures. Prior completion of IBUS 1305 recommended.

IBUS 1302 – Principles of Imports
Practices and processes of import management operations. Includes government controls and compliance. Emphasizes the preparation and understanding of import documents such as customs invoices, packing lists, and commercial invoices. Prior completion of IBUS 1305 recommended.

IBUS 1305 – Introduction to International Business and Trade
The techniques for entering the international marketplace. Emphasis on the impact and dynamics of sociocultural, demographic, economic, technological, and political-legal factors in the foreign trade environment. Topics include patterns of world trade, internationalization of the firm, and operating procedures of the multinational enterprise.

IBUS 1341 – Global Supply Chain Management
International purchasing or sourcing. Includes the advantages and the barriers of purchasing internationally, global sourcing, procurement technology, and purchasing processes. Emphasizes issues of contract administration, location, and evaluation of foreign suppliers, total cost approach, exchange fluctuations, customs procedures, and related topics. Prior completion of IBUS 1305 recommended.

IBUS 2332 – Global Business Simulation 
United States and international business practice and theory. Includes researching foreign business cultures and importing and exporting products. Emphasizes participation in all business decisions related to running a simulated company such as those in the International Business Practice Firm network model. Covers designing new products, developing marketing plans, and evaluating financial success. The simulated company will operate within a network of other student-run “simulated companies” and will transact business with students in the United States and other countries. Capstone course to be taken in the last semester of study.

IBUS 2335 – International Business Law
A course in law as it applies to international business transactions in the global political-legal environment. Study of interrelationships among laws of different countries and the legal effects on individuals and business organizations. Topics include agency agreements, international contracts and administrations, regulations of exports and imports, technology transfers, regional transactions, intellectual property, product liability, and legal organization. Prior completion of IBUS 1305 recommended.

LMGT 1319 – Introduction to Business Logistics
A systems approach to managing activities associated with traffic, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and materials handling.

LMGT 1321 – Introduction to Materials Handling
Introduces the concepts and principles of materials management to include inventory control and forecasting activities.

LMGT 1323 – Domestic and International Transportation Management
An overview of the principles and practices of transportation and its role in the distribution process. Emphasis on the physical transportation systems involved in the United States as well as on global distribution systems. Topics include carrier responsibilities and services, freight classifications, rates, tariffs, and public policy and regulations. Also includes logistical geography and the development of skills to solve logistical transportation problems and issues.

LMGT 1325 – Warehouse and Distribution Center Management
Emphasis on physical distribution and total supply chain management. Includes warehouse operations management, hardware and software operations, bar codes, organizational effectiveness, just-in-time, and continuous replenishment.

LMGT 2388 – Internship: Logistics and Materials Management 
A work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts. A learning plan is developed by the college and the employer