Jewelry Department Courses

These courses are specific to the Jewelry Department. Although an instructor may create variations to personalize his or her section, the class will still follow the descriptions listed HERE.


First Year Degree Classes

  • HRGY1401 Jewelry Techniques I
  • HRGY1402 Jewelry Techniques II
  • HRGY1409 Casting I
  • HRGY1448 Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I
  • HRGY1472 Drawing for Jewelry Design

Second Year Degree Classes

  • HRGY2435 Precious Metals I
  • HRGY2436 Precious Metals II
  • HRGY1441 Stonesetting I
  • HRGY1417 Applied Jewelry Practices OR HRGY1473 Business Practices for Artisans
  • HRGY1471 Computer-Aided Design & Manufacture for Jewelry

Electives and Advanced Skills Classes

  • HRGY2433 Casting II
  • HRGY1449 Jewelry Repair/Fabrication II
  • HRGY1442 Stonesetting II
  • HRGY2430 Chasing and Repoussage
  • HRGY2471 Enameling
  • HRGY1473 Business Practices for Artisans
  • HRGY1474 Metal Forming for Jewelry
  • HRGY1475 Introduction to Metal Engraving
  • HRGY2472 Advanced Computer Aided Design and Manufacture for Jewelry
  • HRGY1476 Wax Modeling for Jewelry