Meet the Faculty

Bill Evans

Department Chair, Professor

Bill Evans is the Jewelry Department Chair, as well as an instructor and Certified Master Bench Jeweler. He has accumulated over 45 years of custom jewelry design experience as an independent jeweler. Bill has been the sole owner of a retail jewelry business, a trade shop bench jeweler, and the jewelry designer of custom pieces for several different retail businesses. He has been an instructor at ACC for over 20 years and continues to find reward in working with the students on their path towards a career in the jewelry industry.


James Lynn


James Lynn was instrumental in starting ACC’s Jewelry Department and is currently one of the department’s two full time faculty members. He is self-taught with 40 years of experience in jewelry fabrication, and more than 20 years teaching experience. He became a Certified Master Bench Jeweler in 2000 and continues to hone his craft and develop new techniques to achieve his designs. James is proficient in the ancient technique of Mokume Gane (wood-grain metal) and will teach the technique to students if they show interest. His jewelry is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and natural forms.


Philippe Dewailly

Adjunct Professor

Born in Belgium, Philippe trained under the best of the Continental masters. His mother, grandfather, and their ancestors began making jewelry before the turn of the 19th century. Philippe apprenticed under the Crown jeweler to King Baudouin I of Belgium. He has helped fabricate jewelry for royalty in his homeland of Belgium and brings the knowledge of six generations of jewelers to ACC, and is also a Certified Master Bench Jeweler. Philippe views craftsmanship as the essential ingredient of fine jewelry.


Steve Kriechbaum

Adjunct Professor

Steve Kriechbaum is an award-winning goldsmith with just shy of 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. He is a board member of the Texas Jeweler’s Association and maintains an international client base. He loves teaching because of the interaction with the students, and seeing the pride on their faces once they realize what they can achieve. He is also a rockin’ harmonica player and will often inspire students with musical accompaniment as they work.


Ricky Wilson

Adjunct Professor

Ricky Wilson has over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry, including studying for eight years under Stanley Young, a former Tiffany’s master stone setter. He is a graduate of Paris Junior College with specializations in Horology (watch making), Stone Setting, Jewelry Repair and Gemology. He founded his company, Ricky Wilson Manufacturing, in 1989 and is also a Certified Master Bench Jeweler.


Rachel Pervin

Adjunct Professor


Rachel Pervin teaches both Drawing for Jewelry Design and Wax Forming. She received her BFA in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin, and has been a professional wax carver for over 30 years. She teaches students the vital skill of sketching practical custom jewelry designs using simple techniques. This aids in the design process by allowing ideas to be realized and modified on paper before work begins in wax or metal. By sketching a design first, potential design problems can often be identified and corrected very early in the overall process. She also plays the conga drums!


Martha Soto

Adjunct Professor


Martha Soto started her career at an early age with the help of her parents’ artistic influences. Her father, Ishmael, is a potter and teaches at ACC in the ceramics department. Martha has always been attracted to shiny things and getting dirty while working with her hands, so jewelry making was destined to become her medium. Martha has been practicing her art for over 40 years and is a valued member of the ACC faculty where she teaches casting and jewelry fabrication.


Deborah Wilson Taylor

Adjunct Professor, Social Media Director

Deborah Wilson Taylor graduated with honors from the ACC Jewelry program in 2009, and has spent time working in both jewelry retail and manufacturing before pursuing her own jewelry business full time in 2012.  Since then she has seen astounding growth in her business and has developed a strong internet following for her brand, Femailler.  Deborah is passionate about teaching artists to create businesses that offer meaningful value in their own lives.