About Quizzes

Quiz imageChapter and unit quizzes are completed on Blackboard. On the first day of lecture classes, I distribute a document with instructions on taking quizzes. This document is also posted on Blackboard under Course Resources.

I don’t see any quizzes. What’s going on?

All quizzes are posted in the Daily Assignments tab. Before you will have access to online quizzes, you must complete the About Your Grades Training and Quiz.  To have access to take the About Your Grades quiz, you must have marked the course syllabus and About Your Grades training reviewed in Blackboard.

I missed a quiz. Can I take it late or make it up?

Once a quiz deadline has passed, that quiz is no longer available to take. I do not allow for make-up quizzes. Each chapter quiz is worth 1% of the course grade, and I drop the lowest two chapter quiz grades from Blackboard. The lowest scores are dropped automatically.

I don’t understand how to access the quizzes on Blackboard. Can you show me?

In addition to provided a document with instructions for completing quizzes, I go over how to log in to Blackboard and access quizzes on the first day of class. If you need further assistance, please go to a student computer lab. You can also view this video about taking tests on Blackboard because our quizzes function the same way.

I took a quiz twice (or more times), but my first score was my highest. Which score will you take?

I have set Blackboard to automatically post the highest score of the attempts allowed.

How can I see the correct answers to a quiz?

After a quiz deadline has passed, you can view the correct answers to the quiz questions by looking at the quiz results in the Blackboard grade center.

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