About Scheduling Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings for online classes are held four times per term. I post these meeting dates before the term begins. Students select one of several options for each of the four virtual meetings.

When are my virtual meetings?

You will select and sign up for one virtual meeting per assignment. You should keep track of the meeting dates and times that you select.

I have a conflict with the virtual meeting I selected. Can I attend a different one?

Yes! If you have a conflict with the meeting you select, you may move to a different meeting, provided there is space for you. Please e-mail me if you are unable to change groups on Blackboard.

I missed my scheduled virtual meeting. Can I make it up?

If there are other virtual meeting sessions being held, you can move to a different group that has an open space. If no other meetings are scheduled after the one you miss or there is no space in another group, you have missed your opportunity to complete the assignment.

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