About Virtual Meetings

For the distance learning meetings that I teach, I hold virtual meetings using WebEx, a virtual meeting software provided by ACC.



Where are the links to the virtual meetings?

For meetings with three or more students, I post the links to virtual meetings in the Virtual Meetings tab of Blackboard. You will have access only to the meeting for which you’ve signed up. If the meeting is held in pairs, I e-mail the meeting link to the two students who are participating in that meeting.

How do I set up a WebEx account?

You don’t need a WebEx account. You will attend meetings as a participant, so you will simply log in to the meeting with your name and e-mail.

I’m having trouble joining the WebEx meeting. What should I do?

Please contact WebEx at 866-229-3239. I cannot troubleshoot for one student when I am facilitating a virtual meeting, so e-mailing me for assistance is not helpful.

I don’t have any headphones. Can I just use my speakers?

No, using speakers creates an echo in the meeting audio, which is difficult to listen to. You MUST use headphones in all meetings.

My webcam and/or microphone isn’t working. Can I just call in to the meeting?

No, I need to be able to see and hear you throughout the meeting. I want you to use the audio connection over the internet.

Keep in mind, though, that you can join the meeting using a tablet or smartphone. You don’t have to use a laptop or desktop computer. If you do attend meetings using your tablet or phone, I recommend downloading the Cisco WebEx app.

What do I need to do during virtual meetings to show I am actively participating?

I expect that you will behave as if we were meeting in person. I have included specific guidelines in our syllabus for participation in virtual meetings.


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