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Welcome to Collegiate DECA

ACC Chapter

Collegiate DECA – ACC Chapter prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management through events, competition, leadership opportunities, scholarships, awards, and interaction with business leaders and peers.

ACC students are eligible to become members of our local chapter, and join the national Collegiate DECA organization through active participation. For more information, contact our student leaders, faculty advisor, or any member.

With a focus on entrepreneurship, Collegiate DECA’s activities, programs, and competitions are clustered around five academic areas:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Arts, Communications & Technology
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Hospitality & Tourism

Competitive events:

  • Competitive events recognize students’ achievements, provide opportunities to travel to conferences, and offer networking, while testing the skills and knowledge of student members.
  • Collegiate DECA’s competitive events are considered the flagship of student development and career preparation. Students can interact with business and industry professionals who serve as judges at Collegiate DECA events.
  • These competitions can lead to future job opportunities.

Collegiate DECA Events:

There are three key events throughout the year:

  • Collegiate Leadership Academy (CLA) – New York City
  • State Career Development Conference (State CDC) – Each state holds its own competition to qualify students to attend ICDC; Austin
  • International Career Development Conference (ICDC) – Washington, D.C.

Many Benefits of Collegiate DECA Membership?

  • Continuous learning that takes your college education to the next level
  • Practical experience communicating, presenting, making the sale, networking, and more
  • Professional contacts in your field
  • Insights about what companies look for when hiring new employees
  • Job opportunities
  • Access to an international network of professionally minded peers and faculty advisors that can open doors throughout your career!
Austin Community College DECA National Officers

 Matthew Konicek (left, with plaque) and Glenn Allen are recognized by the ACC Board of Trustees for their DECA achievements.

Collegiate DECA’s 2013-2014 National Officers with Acc's own Matthew Konicek.

To learn more about the national organization, visit Collegiate DECA Website 

DECA Winners Austin ACC Chapter


Want to learn more, or get involved?

Contact us by e-mail:

Matthew Konicek - State President

Dr. Kathy Walton – State Advisor

Did we mention that we are SOCIAL?

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Collegiate DECA Austin Chapter on Facebook

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ACC College DECA on Twitter

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