Business Administration

Associate of Science Business Administration

you will find the Faculty Advisors for each ACC campus listed below. These faculty are available to help guide you toward completing your Associate of Science in Business Administration at ACC. In addition, they can advise you toward enrolling in courses that will enable you to maximize transferrable credits if your goal is to continue on toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

Which Degree is Right For You?

You must first determine your educational goals before you can address which degree plan you should pursue at ACC. If you intend to transfer to a four-year institution in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in a business- related field, you need to pursue the Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration at ACC. This degree plan transfers to most four-year schools. If you do not intend to transfer to a four-year school, you may pursue a business related Associate of Applied Science degree, which is NON-TRANSFERABLE, in the following departments:

AccountingManagementComputer Information Technology and Computer ScienceFinancial ManagementMarketingOffice Administration, and Real Estate. Each area has full-time faculty advisors who can answer specific questions you might have.

Cypress Creek Campus Advisor

Cypress Creek

Advisor, Ina Midkiff

Office: 512-223-2072


Eastview Campus Advisor


Advisor, Brian Voss

Office: 512- 223-5835


Rio Grande Campus Advisor

Rio Grande

Advisor, Nick Sarantakes

Office: 512-223-3271



Pinnacle and South Austin Campus

Pinnacle and South Austin Campus

Advisor, Charles Quinn

Office: 512-223-8124


Riverside Campus Advisor


Advisor, Steve Bradley

Office: 512-223-6257


Round Rock Campus Advisor

Round Rock Campus

Advisor, Sheila Ammons

Office: 512-223-0182


Northridge Campus Advisor


Advisor, Reed Peoples

Office: 512-223-4800


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This information is provided in addition to information you may find in the catalog. Please remember that requirements change and can differ among universities. Students should always consult faculty advisors and/or catalogs of universities to which they plan to transfer.
Transfer and Non-transfer Credit FAQ