Associate and Certificate Degree in Fashion Marketing

Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Marketing

This is a two-year course of study that will provides students with an understanding of how the fashion industry operates. It prepares them for a career in buying and selling, entry-level management, display and sales promotion activities. A graduate of this 2-year program has the option of continuing his or her education and pursuing a 4­year non­traditional occupational education degree (Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science) offered by a number of state universities. 


Fashion Marketing Certificate

This certificate program is designed to meet the needs of individuals in the community who desire skills and knowledge in marketing. All of the courses will aid these employees of all industries that are involved in all functions of marketing by allowing them to better understand how these marketing functions can affect the marketing process and how they are interrelated. All courses may be applied towards the Marketing Associate Degree program if the student at a later time desires to pursue an associates degree.