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Real Estate is dynamic — buying a house or property is one of the most significant financial events in a person's life. It is such a complex process that most people typically seek help of real estate agents and brokers when selling or buying property.

If you are interested in working in, real estate you should be mature, highly motivated, flexible, organized, and detail oriented. Real Estate agents and brokers need to have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their communities. They are familiar with zoning and tax laws and are generally at the center of most real estate transactions.

Free Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

Free Texas Real Estate Exam Prep course

Texas Real Estate Exam Prep is provided at no cost to those ACC Real Estate students who are preparing to take the state-mandated exam to become Real Estate Licensees in Texas. It is not an official or TREC sanctioned testing mechanism but is meant to significantly increase your preparedness for taking the Proctored Exam given by PSI (Psychological Services, Inc.) in Texas. This course covers both the state and the national portion of the exam. In order for this testing module to be truly effective you should have completed pre-license educational coursework.

Using the test/review process to determine areas of weakness and build a foundation of knowledge, this course includes four separate practice exams. Like the official exam that you will take to gain your license, these exams are comprised of questions dealing with issues applicable nationwide, and with Texas-specific issues. To help you retain the information presented here, these subject areas are presented separately and all questions have feedback to explain the correct answer.

Course Dates and Time

This is a two-session course. Next course dates TBA.

To register for the course, contact Margie Shelnutt at (512) 223.2199 or


Licensing Requirements and Costs

Texas has only two real estate licenses: a Broker license and a Sales license. If you hold either license you can perform all real estate activities for which a license is required. The difference between the two licenses is that a holder of a sales license can only perform real estate activities under the sponsorship (and supervision) of someone who holds a broker license.

In Texas a person must be at least 18 years of age, a Texas resident, demonstrate integrity, satisfy certain educational requirements, and pass a state examination to receive a license. 

Texas Real Estate Commission Site

Sales License

Sales License

A minimum of 180 classroom hours of Real Estate instruction, comprising five mandatory courses, is required to sit for the Texas Real Estate Sales Licensing Exam. Two of these courses are newly required — beginning September 1, 2012, applicants for a sales license will need to have completed two mandatory 30-hour courses in addition to the original three:

  • TREC Promulgated Contracts (RELE 1200 - Real Estate Contract Forms and Addenda)
  • Real Estate Finance (RELE 1219).

These courses are mandatory after September 1, 2012. We offer these these  courses in the Fall Semester schedule. To earn credit you must attend 90% of the class hours and take the required exams.

If you are an in-district student the cost for courses is as follows:

  • Principles of Real Estate (RELE 1406) course will cost $313.00 in tuition and fees, plus books.
  • The Law of Agency (RELE 2201) and
  • Law of Contracts (RELE 1211) course is $157.00 plus books.
  • The TREC Promulgated Contracts (RELE 1200)  course is $157.00 plus books. 
  • Real Estate Finance (RELE 1219) course is $157.00 plus books. 

In the above situation, the total cost is $941.00 in tuition and fees for the five mandatory courses (plus books). These are the five courses that are required and will give you the knowledge to pass the TREC exam.

Broker License

Broker License

Beginning in January 2012, applicants for a broker license will need to have four years of experience as a licensed salesperson, up from the current two year requirement, plus demonstrate practical competency by providing a detailed list of brokerage activities engaged in by the applicant during this same period. This will ensure consumers who deal with brokers and their sponsored salespersons a level of service more solidly backed up by additional practical experience.

Brokers, and other direct supervisors of licensed salespersons, who seek to renew a license after September 1, 2012 will need to have completed a new 6- hour course in "Broker Responsibilities", in addition to the combined 6-hour courses in Legal and Ethics updates. All of these courses are updated every two years by a panel of experts convened by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

For more information on tuition and fees, please visit .

Please click here to go to our Advising and FAQ page for more information about receiving your license and keeping your license current.

ACC Real Estate Tuition and Fees

For more information on tuition and fees, please visit:

ACC Real Estate License Tuition and Fees

Real Estate Advising & FAQs

Check out our Real Estate Advising and Frequently Asked Question page to get more information about  receiving your license and keeping your license current.

ACC Real Estate Advising PageReal Estate Program FAQ 

TREC License Requirements

Texas Real Estate Commission Sales Licensing Requirements - College Credit Classes

A minimum of 210 classroom hours of instruction is required to sit for the Texas Real Estate Sales Licensing Exam. 150 hours must be in real estate. In addition there are three mandatory real estate courses that must be taken. To earn credit you must attend 90% of the class hours and take the required exams. If you are an in-district student the Principles of Real Estate 1406 course will cost $232.00 plus books. The Law of Agency 2301 and Law of Contracts 1311 courses are each $174.00 plus books. That's $580.00 tuition for the three mandatory courses (plus books). (The prices for the course are mentioned twice).

*ACC offers the following Real Estate Core Courses in addition to the mandatory core courses. Choose from the following:

  • Real Estate Appraisal - RELE 1203 (30 classroom hours) or RELE 1303 (45 classroom hours)
  • Real Estate Finance - RELE 1319 (45 classroom hours)
  • Real Estate Marketing - RELE 1321 (45 classroom hours)
  • Real Estate Mathematics - RELE 1225 (30 classroom hours) or RELE 1325 (45 classroom hours)
  • Real Estate Brokerage - RELE 2331 (45 classroom hours)
  • Property Management - RELE 1215 (30 classroom hours) or RELE 1315 (45 classroom hours)
  • Real Estate Investments - RELE 1307 (45 classroom hours)
  • Residential Inspection for Real Estate Agents - RELE 2205 (30 classroom hours) or RELE 2305 (45 classroom hours)

** The Texas Real Estate Commission normally will accept any business related or real estate course for the remaining hours to make up the 210 classroom hours of instruction. In addition any other college credit course that will assist the individual in their real estate career, such as speech, math, English, etc. is also acceptable. Determination is made by the Texas Real Estate Commission and not ACC.

After the 210 classroom hours of instruction, application is made to the Texas Real Estate Commission to take the Texas Real Estate Sales Licensing exam. A complete transcript is required along with the application. After the individual passes the exam, they must be sponsored by a Real Estate Broker. Sales personnel must work for a real estate broker for 2 years to gain experience and then with additional real estate courses, they can take the Texas Real Estate Broker Licensing exam. After the Brokers exam has been passed, the individual can open up their own shop or continue to be associated with another broker.

Additional information regarding TREC Salesperson Education requirments is available at the TREC website.

See the Texas Real Estate Commission Web Site for more information about sales and inspections licensing requirements.