About Us


The Student Money Management Office supports Austin Community College student success by providing accessible and relevant money management education, enabling students to make informed financial decisions.

The Student Money Management Office is funded in full by a grant from the Department of Education, Title III Strengthening Institutions Program.

Meet the Team

Karen Serna, Director
(512) 223.9330 | karen.serna@austincc.edu


Ayeesha Green, Coordinator
(512) 223.9334 | ayeesha.green@austincc.edu


Linda Eguiluz, Coordinator
(512) 223.9332 | linda.eguiluz@austincc.edu

Graciela Lugo, Assistant
(512) 223.9331 | graciela.lugo@austincc.edu





Celicia Deary, Student Worker
(512) 223.9331 | celicia.deary@austincc.edu


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