About Us

The Student Money Management Office is funded in full by a grant from the Department of Education, Title III Strengthening Institutions Program.

Meet the Team

Karen Serna, Director
(512) 223.9330 | karen.serna@austincc.edu

Karen first discovered the power of habitual savings when she was 9 years old saving up for a Casio keyboard she put on layaway at Sears. Since then she has always had a savings goal, and loves to teach others how to improve cash flow, boost credit and reach their financial goals.

Ayeesha Green, Coordinator
(512) 223.9334 | ayeesha.green@austincc.edu

Ayeesha first learned about the benefit of developing multiple streams of income during her younger years by selling homemade doughnuts in the neighborhood and collecting bottles to earn extra cash. She firmly believed to get the extras in life, having a side hustle wasn’t a bad gig. Now, she enjoys having honest conversations with young people about side-hustles.


Linda Eguiluz, Coordinator
(512) 223.9332 | linda.eguiluz@austincc.edu

Linda believes having a budget does not mean you can’t have fun! She has been working on educating others about consumerism and being an informed consumer, fueled by her years of writing and reading about the beauty industry. An avid fan of meal-prepping, Linda loves to engage with others about eating well while on a budget, treating yourself, and being financially healthy. Linda is fluent in Spanish and is available for bilingual workshops.

Graciela Lugo, Assistant
(512) 223.9331 | graciela.lugo@austincc.edu

Graciela used to save her weekly allowance in a chocolates can. She saved that money for a year and waited until summer vacation. The first thing she bought with her first annual savings was a Walkman. Since that time she promotes the importance of savings to meet specific goals to her siblings and friends.





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