Current Rainy Day Program Savers

For questions about your Rainy Day Savings account, please contact your Rainy Day Savings Program Advisor, Natalie, at 


How do I make a deposit? 

Once you have your UFCU account number, you may begin making deposits into your UFCU savings account.

  • You may make deposits in person at any UFCU branch or a shared branch.
  • Mobile banking: Download the app for mobile banking and you can deposit checks through your phone!
  • Online banking: Access your account online from your desktop or mobile device and set up transfers from your account at another bank or credit union to your UFCU savings account

How do I find a University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) branch? 

  • Use the location finder at
  • You may also make deposits at shared branches (local credit unions other than UFCU).  Use this tool to locate a shared branch.

How do I claim my incentives?

  • Complete the Incentive Claim Form to claim your incentives.
  • Review this document for acceptable documentation.
  • We deposit incentives to student’s accounts once per month. So the longest you will have to wait for your incentive to be deposited into your account will be 30 days.

How do I set up direct deposit? 

Direct deposit means that you have a portion of your paycheck or income from another regular source, regularly and automatically deposited into your UFCU savings account.

  • Many employers will allow you to split your paycheck among two or more accounts.
  • To set up direct deposit you need your UFCU savings account number and UFCU’s routing number.
  • Complete and return UFCU’s Direct Deposit form and return to your employer.
  • Some employers may not accept the UFCU Direct Deposit form (above), and that’s okay! Ask your employer what form you need to complete to send a portion of your paycheck to your UFCU savings account.
  • For questions about setting up direct deposit through your employer, contact your payroll or human resources department.
  • For the rainy day savings program, setting up a recurring transfer going from your checking account at another bank or credit union, to your UFCU savings account qualifies for the direct deposit incentive.
  • Here’s a stellar YouTube video on direct deposit.

How do I deposit a portion of my tax refund? 

You can allocate a portion (or all!) of your tax refund to go directly to your UFCU savings account.  You will need your UFCU savings account number, and UFCU’s routing number. Ask your tax preparer to use IRS Form 8888 to split your refund (if you want only a portion to go to your UFCU savings account and the rest to go to your checking account for example).

How do I meet with a financial coach?

Visit our financial coaching web page for your three options for meeting with a financial coach.

How do I complete the online financial education?

  • Visit this page to complete the online financial education course. Please register using your ACC email address so we are easily able to identify that it’s you who has completed the course!
  • We’ve chosen two modules for you, and you choose two additional modules that interest you!
  • It will take you about two hours to complete the four modules.

How do I complete my FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

Complete the FAFSA if you are a U.S. Citizen or an eligible noncitizen.

  • Complete your FAFSA at
  • If you need assistance completing your FAFSA, contact Foundation Communities for free one-on-one assistance!
  • The 2020/2021 FAFSA will be available October 1, 2019 to complete. It will cover the following semesters: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021
  • Videos from Federal Student Aid describing the FAFSA completion process.

How do I complete my TASFA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid)? 

Complete the TASFA if you are a Texas resident, who cannot complete the FAFSA (see above). 

How do I make a withdrawal for an emergency?

This account is designed to help you save for a financial emergency. It should not be used to pay for a new computer, a pair of sunglasses you really, really want, or to buy your signficant other a birthday present.  It should be used for expenses that arise that ultimately may make you drop out of classes, or do poorly in your classes (due to increasing work hours or increased stress related to finances).

There may be other ways to meet your financial emergency. You may request emergency assistance through ACC’s Student Emergency Fund. Additionally, you may find resources through meeting with an Advocate in ACC’s Support Center, our list of community resources, or through a search on Aunt Bertha.

  • You may make a withdrawal from your account for a financial emergency. It’s up to you to decide if it qualifies as an emergency. If it is, then you may go to any UFCU branch in-person and make your withdrawal.
  • You will need your photo identification to make the withdrawal.
  • You may withdraw your funds and any incentives you have received.
  • To keep your account open, you must keep a balance of at least $5, otherwise your account will be closed.
  • Please notify the Student Money Management Office ( that you will be making the withdrawal. We’ll send you a brief survey to complete after you make the withdrawal.
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