Meet our Spring 2018 Peer Money Mentors


Magdalena Gutierrez is majoring in Psychology and is planning to transfer to The University of Texas at Austin after completing her Spring 2018 semester. She plans to become more informed about financial aid. Overall her plan is to gain a greater knowledge about how to maintain financial security. One of her financial goals is to graduate with the least amount of student debt.




Christiana Leone  is an avid Spurs fan born and raised in San Antonio.  She is majoring in Biology and plan to transfer to UT to pursue medical school.  The best piece of financial advice Christiana ever received was to track your cash. She believes individuals greatly underestimate their spending which hinders them from meeting future goals. Her advice to you is to be aware of your cash choices!




Christopher George will begin his Bachelor’s in Public Administration at Texas State University in San Marcos in the fall. And this summer, he plans to take advantage of ACC’s study abroad program studying British Literature in Britain, which will be the final credit needed towards his Associate’s in Government. He is very excited to be a part of the Peer Money Mentor program, learn more about personal finance, and to share that knowledge and experience with his peers.



Aurora Ragsdale is a sophomore at ACC majoring in Computer Science. She is hoping to transfer to Texas State University then get a job in the game industry. The best piece of personal financial advice that she received was that the way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. Aurora hopes to learn more about loans and investing through the Peer Money Mentor Program.




Maddie Hastings is majoring in Business Administration in hopes to work for a large publishing company such as Random House or Simon & Schuster. She has big dreams of traveling and seeing the world. One topic that Maddie is most excited about is budgeting. Her goal is to save large sums of money by sticking to a budget to fulfill her travel dreams.




Gabriella Little is majoring in Computer Science. The best piece of personal financial advice she received was to track her expenses. She believes knowing exactly where her money goes is important when it comes to budgeting.





Jian Basravi is majoring in Biotechnology and hopes to transfer to UT. The best piece of personal financial advice that Jian received goes like this, “If you cannot buy something 2.5 times, then you cannot afford it.” This semester, he expects to identify causes of unnecessary spending, learn how to save, and most importantly, create a realistic budget and stick to it.






Meet our Spring 2018 Peer Money Mentor Leaders

This semester our Peer Money Mentors interviewed ACC library staff about ways the Student Money Management Office and the ACC libraries can partner to educate ACC students on personal finances.  The Peer Money Mentors are taking what they learned through those interviews and developing recommendations.

The Peer Money Mentors participated in numerous Riverbat Bashes in September to connect ACC students with resources available through the Student Money Management Office. Peer Money Mentors also assisted at our Finding the Money workshops in September and October.

Two of our Peer Money Mentors, Brandon and Christina, are helping ACC re-think how emergency aid is distributed, through their participation in the Emergency Aid Lab project.  Ana and Ali are attending the upcoming Voto Latino Power Summit, a leadership conference for emerging leaders.


Brandon Coy is very excited to join the Peer Money Mentor program this semester. He is a Psychology major who hopes to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin after receiving his associates from ACC. He loves helping people and hopes to be able to assist people with financial difficulties or questions they have.


Daniel Doan is in his third year at ACC studying Business Administration. One of Daniel’s financial goals is to pay off his student debt. The best piece of personal financial advice that he received was to pay off debt early so that he can live with less headache and heartache in the future. From the Peer Money Mentor Program, Daniel would love to learn more ways to excel his financial knowledge in order to inform himself and others who are struggling financially.


Christina Llamas is in her second year at ACC. She is studying Business Administration and plans to transfer to a four-year institution next fall to pursue a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources. Christina’s expectation for the Peer Money Mentor Program is to find out the best way to budget her money to pay the bills and save.

Brittany Romero is in her third semester of prerequisites for the ACC nursing program. The best piece of personal financial advice she has received so far is that you can either control your money or allow your money to control your life. She feels that it’s so important to decide early on what matters most in life so that you can budget wisely. Brittany believes if you don’t have a budget, you won’t be able to afford the things you really value.

Ana Zuniga is currently a Sophomore at Austin Community College. Since she was about 10 she’s been fascinated by spending habits and saving money, so naturally, she is a Business Administration major. She thinks the most important financial advice she has received, although informal, is, “Don’t go broke trying to look rich.” In other words, don’t go into debt to impress others. Don’t ever get comfortable living paycheck to paycheck. She believes she can gain so much from PMMP, and hopes to empower others economically and to give others the opportunity to create a debt-free future for themselves.


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