Meet the Peer Money Mentors


Alicia Tijerina is a Business major with the hopes of pursuing corporate finance and investment banking at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business. She has a few more semesters at ACC and wants to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about personal finance for a debt-free future. The best financial advice given to her was to sign up for a budgeting app and track expenses because it’s important to know where your money is going.





Amber Rodriguez is a first-generation college student studying Computer Science and Information Technology. This semester she’s taking on a new role as a Peer Money Mentor Leader. In this position, Amber will assist the new Peer Money Mentors helping them succeed in the program, take the lead during outreach events, and contribute to the SMMO Money No Problems Blog. Amber understands that peer-to-peer conversations are one of the keys to getting students excited about making well-informed financial decisions. Amber’s new responsibilities will enhance her knowledge so that she is better equipped to be a resource of information for her peers.




Andrea Lujan is studying Applied Computer Science.  She applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program to further ensure financial success after college.  “What’s the use in making more money, if you don’t know how to manage it?” asks Andrea. The best financial advice Andrea has received is to live below your means and only purchase what you can afford.






Corbin Walters is studying Computer Science and plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a career in the STEM field. His current financial goal is to finish college debt free. Corbin is taking on a new role as one of the program’s Peer Money Mentor Leaders. His goal is to be more involved with classroom presentations, taking the lead during outreach activities, and co-writing the SMMO Money No Problems Blog. Corbin will empower his peers to make informed financial decisions by combining his comfort of public speaking with his newly acquired personal finance knowledge. He understands that money conversations can be awkward. However, he believes that approachability and positive interactions will be key in starting those conversations.





Damienn Alcala has been an ACC student for 3 years. He is pursuing an Associates Degree in General Studies in Science, which will soon become Wildlife Biology once he is accepted to Texas State University. Damienn applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program because as a 22-year-old student, he feels that there is much to learn about finances for the future! He’s excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to new experiences. The best piece of financial advice Damienn has received? “Don’t go broke trying to look rich!”





Gareth Fiske is pursuing a degree in Economics and Government. He has plans to enroll into the University of Texas at Austin fall of 2019. Gareth sets a budget and saves as much as possible. Gareth is always looking for an investment opportunity for his savings. He believes the only way to not work your whole life is to find a way to make money in your sleep.






Hanaar Al-Qalamchi is a second-year student majoring in Business Administration. She applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program to become knowledgeable about personal finance in order to help her peers. Understanding personal finance will help Hanaar in her dream career as a Certified Public Accountant. The best piece of financial advice given to Hanaar was to watch out for the small expenses because they add up! 






Jasmin Holly is in her second semester pursuing a Business Finance Degree. She applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program to become more involved as a student and to gain knowledge on how to manage her money. The best piece of financial advice Jasmin has received was to save money and build credit at an early age.






Krishna Sauceda is an Education major who is in her third semester at Austin Community College.  She is trying to finish college with as little debt as possible. She applied for the Peer Money Mentor program to learn strategies to save money.  She thinks the best financial advice she has ever gotten is to always have a rainy day fund. Whether she saves a little bit from her paycheck each month or a sizable amount when financial aid comes, it all depends on her. For Krishna, the important thing is to always have something in savings and a financial plan set. 





Melanie Budro is in her fourth semester pursuing an Associates of Applied Science. Her degree of choice is Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design. Melanie applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program because she wants to learn how to manage her finances, and teach others how to do the same. The best piece of financial advice that Melanie has received so far is to save as much money as you can while you are young.






Taylor Mathews has attended ACC since Spring of 2018. Currently, her major is General Studies but she hopes to receive a degree in Economics or Business. Taylor applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program because she learning about personal finance and the ins and outs of adulting. Also, she viewed the program as a great opportunity. The best financial advice that she’s received so far came from Dave Ramsey, “Credit is an ‘I love Debt Score.”


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