Peer Money Mentor Program

The application for our Peer Money Mentor Program is open! Applications are due December 1, 2018.  For detailed program information please read our Frequently Asked Questions before applying.  Direct any questions about the application to

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The Peer Money Mentor Program engages Austin Community College students in learning about personal finance and then challenges them to share their knowledge with fellow ACC students.  This semester, Peer Money Mentors have helped with program outreach during Riverbat Bashes and Financial Aid Week.  They have also assisted in our Finding the Money workshops and are creating short 10-minute hot-topic presentations to share with peers. And later this semester, the Peer Money Mentor Leaders are bringing in an outside speaker to conduct an investing workshop for students (November 8 @ noon at the Highland Campus!).

Meet our Fall 2018 Peer Money Mentors

Amber Rodriguez is a first-generation college student studying Computer Science and Information Technology. This past year, she won Student of the Year from Student Life’s Nite in the Life Award Ceremony. Amber applied for the Peer Money Mentor Program to understand how to manage her finances. 







Ann McCurdy is an Accounting Technician major and will graduate from this December. She also has three daughters in college, so she is well versed in financial aid and funding higher education. Ann is looking forward to sharing what she has learned! The best piece of personal financial advice she has received is to pay yourself first. Make savings an automatic deposit straight from your paycheck so you never miss it!






Bianca Davis is majoring in Health Science and she is currently in her 4th semester at ACC. After the fall semester, she will apply to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Bianca applied to the Peer Money Mentor Program to become more knowledgeable and responsible with her personal finances. She’s excited for the opportunity to work alongside her fellow Peer Money Mentors and to share her knowledge with others. The most important piece of personal financial advice that Bianca has received is to manage her credit and to regularly check her credit score.





Corbin Walters is studying Computer Science and plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a career in the STEM field. His current financial goal is to finish college debt free. Corbin saves money by drafting a budget for each paycheck and checking daily to reassure that he is within his budget.







Emmanuel Cuevas is a dual-enrolled student at Austin Community College and Texas State University. He is working towards his Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration and Government with the ultimate goal of attending law school.  Emmanuel is the president of ACC’s Student Government Association for the 2018/2019 academic year. He is focused on getting students informed about institution and community programs that can help make college more affordable. 






Lisa Medina is working on a degree in Social Work and plans to transfer to UT.  She loves sports: Football, Softball, Basketball, and Baseball. Go Cowboys! She joined the Peer Money Mentor Program to educate others on budgeting and financial planning.  The best piece of personal advice that Lisa has received is to know the difference between a want and a need.






Meet our Fall 2018 Peer Money Mentor Leaders

Christiana Leone is an avid Spurs fan born and raised in San Antonio.  She is majoring in Biology and plans to transfer to UT to pursue medical school.  The best piece of financial advice Christiana ever received was to track your cash. She believes individuals greatly underestimate their spending which hinders them from meeting future goals. Her advice to you is to be aware of your cash choices! This is Christiana’s second semester as a Peer Money Mentor. 






Maddie Hastings is majoring in Business Administration and hopes to work for a large publishing company such as Random House or Simon & Schuster. She has big dreams of traveling and seeing the world. One topic Maddie is most excited about is budgeting. Her goal is to save large sums of money by sticking to a budget to fulfill her travel dreams. This is Maddie’s second semester as a Peer Money Mentor. 






Gabriella Little is majoring in Computer Science. The best piece of personal financial advice she received was to track her expenses. She believes knowing exactly where her money goes is important when it comes to budgeting. Gabriella is in her second semester as a Peer Money Mentor. 







Ana Zuniga, a Business Administration major,  is in her third semester as a Peer Money Mentor. Since the age of 10, she’s been fascinated by spending habits and saving money. She thinks the most important financial advice she has received is, “Don’t go broke trying to look rich.” In other words, don’t go into debt to impress others. Don’t ever get comfortable living paycheck to paycheck. She hopes to empower others economically and to give others the opportunity to create a debt-free future for themselves.


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