You Can Help ACC Choose a Mascot


Austin Community College students have plenty of pride. What they don’t have is a mascot. But that is about to change.

The college’s Student Government Association, Student Life Office, and Public Information and College Marketing Department have teamed up to launch a search for the perfect ACC mascot.

Once upon a time, ACC had a mascot. Do the ACC Eagles sound familiar to anyone? Back in the 1970s, the college took on the eagle mascot and official school colors of black and gold. There was even a football team, which won a city championship.

The ACC Eagle has long since flown the coop – disappeared for one reason or another. This time, the 2009 search committee is determined to create a symbol of ACC that will be around for years to come.

“We think this is going to build school spirit and give ACC a lasting tradition,” says Avy Gonzalez, Student Government Association Parliamentarian and co-chair of the mascot search committee. “It’s cool to be part of something that will have a big impact at ACC long after we finish school.”

While the search committee is spearheading the effort, they want to hear from you. The college wants ideas from students, faculty, staff, and the public.

“We’re looking for something that genuinely resonates with the community,” says Brette Lea, executive director of the Public Information and College Marketing Department (PICM) and co-chair of the search committee. “It is so important to build a college-going culture, and the mascot will be a key part of that. A mascot creates a sense of excitement tied to education and makes people feel more connected to the college.”

So how did this search begin? As they say, great minds think alike. The Student Government Association recently decided it was time for a mascot to enhance school spirit. PICM was already thinking the same thing. The Student Life Office also came on board to facilitate engagement with students at all seven of ACC’s campuses.

Together, they formed a search committee that includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the community. With that, the committee’s four-step mascot search process got underway.

Step One: Got an Idea?
“This is a group effort. We need all the suggestions we can get,” says Gonzalez. “We need to find a mascot that really captures the essence of ACC.”

The search committee has created an ACC mascot website, encouraging the entire community to submit ideas. The site also includes links to follow the mascot search on Facebook and Twitter. Send us your suggestions by December 4!

Step Two: Drilling It Down
After collecting as many ideas as possible, the search committee will begin a process to reduce the list to the top three to five mascot candidates. The finalists aren’t selected on a whim – the committee will base its choices on frequency of the suggestion and focus group research. Committee members will also make sure the mascot finalists support ACC’s vision and mission.

Step Three: Cast Your Vote!
When the finalists are identified, there will be an online ballot this spring. The committee will take the top vote-getter to the college for review and final board approval.

Step Four: Shhh…

The winner will be kept under wraps at first to give graphic artists a chance to design and create the mascot. As soon as that’s accomplished, it will be time to reveal the ACC mascot to the world!

“A mascot will help us create a unique college identity and raise awareness of ACC’s role in the community,” says Lea.

That’s still a ways away, though. For now the focus is on gathering as much input as possible. The college has already done some grassroots promotion to build buzz. A slightly pathetic-looking pink bunny hopped around the ACC campuses during the Welcomepalooza fall kick-off events, cautioning students to voice their suggestions or risk having the unsightly pink rabbit represent them. Students got the message, and ideas are coming in fast – some thoughtful (such as Bats or Armadillos), others irreverent (think the ACC Chupacabras or the Zombies).

Want to weigh in? Now is your chance.

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