ACC Professor Receives Fulbright Award

Dr. Elizabeth Pintar

The Fulbright Program has awarded Dr. Elizabeth Pintar, ACC professor of anthropology, a grant to perform archaeological research in Argentina.

The U.S. Department of State sponsors the Fulbright Program. This program provides funding to students, scholars, teachers, and professionals for graduate study, advanced research, and teaching.

Pintar’s award allows her to carry out research on early hunter-gatherer groups in northwest Argentina. She also has an opportunity to teach a workshop and a graduate course for the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.

“Dr. Pintar knows how to bring archaeology to life in her classes, and we are proud of her accomplishments both in and out of the classroom,” says Gaye Lynn Scott, dean of social and behavioral sciences. “Her passion for teaching and learning guides her scholarship, excavation work, and pedagogy.”

Pintar will work in Argentina for five months in 2012.

“I believe this award will ultimately help build a stronger bridge between North and South America and promote a more fruitful archaeological dialogue within the Americas,” says Pintar. “I also hope it opens new opportunities for students at ACC and the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.”

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