Bridge Programs Help Students Refresh Skills Needed for College

Registration is under way for Austin Community College’s Bridge Programs, which allow recent high school and GED graduates to refresh their math, reading, and writing skills and bring them to college level.

Among first-time college students entering ACC last fall, approximately 40 percent did not meet state college-readiness standards in at least one area and were mandated into developmental education. Bridge Program courses are short-term classes that allow students to work on those skills. Data show students who complete Bridge Program courses are less likely to need developmental education than other students.

“Our Bridge Programs are a great resource for college students,” says Mike Midgley, vice president of instruction. “These are focused courses that can result in time and cost savings – and help students to be more successful in college.”

Bridge Program students refresh their skills.

Courses offered through this summer’s Bridge Programs include:

  • COMPASS workshops for math, reading, and writing: Review of skills tested on the COMPASS assessment.
  • Enhancing Math Skills, Developmental Reading Skills, and Developmental Writing Skills: Focused instruction in a single subject.
  • College Quickstart: Refresher course for high school/GED graduates who score close to college-ready in at least two areas of developmental education.

Before registering for the program, students must meet with an ACC advisor or counselor to determine eligibility. Students do not earn college credit for Bridge Program courses.

View a class schedule at For more information, call Mary Gilmer at 512-223.5325.

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