ACC pilots new group email system

ACC is piloting a new online tool designed to enhance the college’s ACCmail communications. Full implementation is expected in fall.

The Regroup software provides flexibility for managing student email, allowing authorized senders to target messages to students based on their major, campus they attend, or other identified factors.

The goal is to increase communication between instructional departments and their students while decreasing the amount of non-essential all-student emails — a source of complaints from students.

Regroup also replaces the current Listserv application for employee emails.

The IT Department is implementing the online tool in phases and will train Regroup administrators in the coming months. A webpage with best practices, style guides, policies, and procedures also will be available.

Regroup supports proposed revisions to college guidelines governing student email (ACC administrative rule 3.05.006). The Academic and Campus Affairs Council last fall approved new processes for differentiating student emails that contain official information (such as grades or financial aid) from those about events or other college promotions.

The revised guidelines, which are pending the president’s approval, also specify who is authorized to send all-student emails. View the amended AR 3.05.006 guidelines (pdf) approved by ACAC.

For more information about Regroup, contact Dr. Lara Niles,

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