Nonprofit employment currently accounts for 5% of the workforce within the ACC District Area.

The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College (CNS) focuses on nonprofit workforce and career development for individuals seeking additional skills to be more effective in, or to advance in their nonprofit careers. We provide professional and volunteer development certificates and learning opportunities, community engagement, publications, information, and referral services.

CNS offers opportunities for personal and professional growth leading to better workplace performance and advancement through guided career pathways and stackable credentials – being a “clearly structured educationally coherent program pathway that lead to students’ end goals”.

Our learners are:

  • Experienced practitioners
  • Entry level staff
  • Volunteers
  • Individuals seeking transitions from government or business
  • Individuals seeking to apply their skills in their post retirement
  • Professionals in fields working with nonprofits (e.g., lawyers, accountants, human resource professionals, etc.)
  • Individuals simply interested in learning more about the nonprofit sector

The Center for Nonprofit Studies is passionately committed to:

  • Providing the highest possible level of professional and volunteer development and organizational capacity building; and
  • Sustaining a strong and effective nonprofit community in Austin Community College’s six county service area.

Our services include:

  • Professional & Volunteer Leadership Development – including learning opportunities , webinars, institutes, conferences to strengthen nonprofit understanding & practice including Certificates in Nonprofit Leadership & Management, Volunteer Engagement, Grant Writing and Exemplary Supervision
  • Nonprofit Career Development – including career coaching and job bank
  • Resources and Publications – including Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence and information on United States, Texas and Central Texas nonprofit sectors
  • Information and Referral on all matters 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
  • Nonprofit Community Connections
  • Technical Assistance

The Center for Nonprofit Studies is a program of the Community Engagement and Public Affairs Department at Austin Community College

Community Leadership Council

Learn more about the CLC and meet the members who serve as integral links between CNS, local agencies, government, business and other communities:


Video of presentation by
Barry Silverberg, CNS Director
to ACC Board of Directors
March 7, 2016

In this presentation to the ACC Board of Trustees, Barry Silverberg, CNS Director, summarizes our purpose, our strategic directions, and our program services for the College and the communities served by the College. He highlights the over 40,000 people employed by nonprofits within the ACC service area and our growing role in providing workforce development service to them and the organizations they serve.  The Board’s questions and Silverberg’s answers start at 15:25.