Nonprofit employment currently accounts for 5% of the workforce within the ACC District Area.

The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College (CNS) focuses on nonprofit workforce and career development for individuals seeking additional skills to be more effective in, and to advance in their professional or volunteer nonprofit careers.

Professional and volunteer development certificates and learning opportunities. Current Certificates in Nonprofit Leadership & Management, Effective Fundraising, Grant Writing, Volunteer Leadership, and Marketing and Promotion + wide array of learning opportunities.

Publications, information, and referral services.  Publish Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence: A guide for nonprofit volunteers, board members, management and staff (which can be customized for use by specific organizations); bi-weekly newsletter, and social media.

Civil Society television program and podcasts.  Advancing civil dialogue and greater awareness of the critical role nonprofit organizations play in our communities

Nonprofit Career Development. Coaching, mentoring, job bank.

Community Intermediary. Convening and connecting nonprofit professionals and volunteers to address and take action on issues affecting the Central Texas nonprofit sector – e.g., diversity and equity within nonprofit management and governance.

Consulting and Technical Assistance.  Organizational Development; Governance; Strategic Thinking/ Planning; Starting a nonprofit in Texas; etc.


The Center for Nonprofit Studies is a program of the Community Public Affairs Department at Austin Community College

Community Leadership Council

Learn more about the CLC and meet the members who serve as integral links between CNS, local agencies, government, business and other communities:


Video of presentation by
Barry Silverberg, CNS Director
to ACC Board of Directors
March 7, 2016

In this presentation to the ACC Board of Trustees, Barry Silverberg, CNS Director, summarizes our purpose, our strategic directions, and our program services for the College and the communities served by the College. He highlights the over 40,000 people employed by nonprofits within the ACC service area and our growing role in providing workforce development service to them and the organizations they serve.  The Board’s questions and Silverberg’s answers start at 15:25.