Lisa Bussett

Coordinator, Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College

Artist Page:

Lisa Bussett is Coordinator at the Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College, and co-Executive Producer of CNS’ Civil Society. With a background in visual art, project management, and team development, she integrates these disciplines to design and deliver tailored programs for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Often working as a facilitator to assist teams in developing a higher level of communication and work performance, Lisa draws from her years of project management experience to focus on efficiencies and streamline communications. With excellent listening skills, she possesses the ability to see things from a systems perspective and to create safe learning environments, leading groups and individuals to understand how they contribute to the larger mission of their organizations.

Lisa has designed, developed, and facilitated gatherings ranging from team interventions, mediations and process/strategy planning meetings that resulted in improved communications, reduced tensions, and clear strategic directions. Throughout her career, she has provided feedback and coaching to front-line staff, mid-level managers, and executives, all resulting in enhanced performance and improved collaboration.

Originally trained in visual arts, Lisa’s ability to tap into the creative side of the people she works with brings about the absolute best results.

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