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Fall Semester Begins September 6, 2017


Austin’s nonprofit community plays a key role in the city’s growing reputation as one of the top places to live and work in the world. So much of Austin’s visibility of late involves work for the greater good. Large nonprofit organizations do more with less in Austin. Small nonprofits operate on a shoestring budget and are making a difference every day in this city.

There is a need for continuing education programs that offer nonprofit professionals of both large and small organizations alike, the chance to learn more about how to market their organization and manage outreach to their community. This certificate program is specifically designed to help nonprofit professionals and staff members gain important knowledge and hands on experience in marketing and outreach for continued sustainability, growth and an improved, measurable impact in the community at large.

The marketing process including the role of the consumer, development of products and services, analysis of market forces, and determination of pricing, distribution and promotion. The Certificate in Marketing & Promotion for Nonprofits is an 8-session program designed for nonprofit leaders, staff and even volunteers – anyone working on behalf of a nonprofit organization. Participants will gain valuable insight and practical skills to both understand and execute a variety of marketing and outreach methods that can help them do more – bring in more donation dollars, increase event attendance, recruit more volunteers, and get more done with less time and money.

This series of classes provides a comprehensive overview of the marketing and outreach processes needed to develop and implement an effective marketing plan. Participants will learn both traditional marketing concepts and the latest in new media strategies with a special emphasis on mobile – making sure everything looks good and works, from a cell phone or tablet. The Certificate in Marketing & Promotion for Nonprofits will offer 45 hours of study for 4.5 Continuing Education credits from The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College. The course includes 8 full-day sessions (10am – 4pm) and can be supplemented with online participation as well.

Upon completion, participants will earn 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Austin Community College. These may be eligible for use in meeting professional certification requirements.



Session 1 - An Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marketing & Promotion for Today

This session will go over the basic 101 of what marketing really is, and what it is not. Participants will learn how to create a very simple marketing plan along with low-cost strategies to manage it without taking too much time or energy. Discussions will cover terms to know, low cost tools to use, and the importance of mobile-friendly methods, ways to save time and what kind of marketing and promotional activities are worth the effort, to gain visibility and bring in more revenue.

Session 2 - Messaging & Your Mission: Know What to Say and How to Say It

Participants will bring their working plan into the classroom and learn how to craft their own campaigns to reflect their brand.  Discussion topics will cover color usage, logos and images, message style, tone and how to make everything mobile-friendly. This session is about how to look good without having to do it all yourself, from scratch. It is also about how to write an ad, flyer, email or other promotional copy to get the kind of response you want.  There is no graphic or design experience required and low cost options for getting it all done will be provided.

Sessions 3 & 4 - Your Online Presence: Website, Email and Social Media (A two-part session)

Again, bringing along their working plan, participants will apply their own messaging and brand decisions to the internet presence they are hosting. (It is not required that any participant have a website or any particular social media profile) We will discuss tactics, timing and automation. How to know what should be on your website if you have one. How to leverage social media to drive attendance, ticket and merchandise sales as well as how to rework existing marketing to make sure it looks good when viewed on a cell phone. Participants will have access to free tools to manage social media campaigns and more.

Session 5 - Finding Your People: Growing Your List and Knowing What to Do With It

The ability to contact someone directly to tell them about an upcoming show, performance and other offers is one of the most fruitful activities anyone can do for promotion. The days of simply putting an ad in the Chronicle and hoping for an audience are in the past. (That doesn’t mean you don’t post your ad in The Chronicle.) This session will provide more than 50 simple tactics for getting more people on your list. It’s not just how many, but the right people – those that actually care about getting your updates and offers. Other topics will include list management, how to know who is paying attention and who isn’t so that you can adjust your messages for both groups. Participants will learn about several free tools to help with managing their list and will also get a tool kit of list growth templates and forms.

Session 6 - Creating A Campaign: Let’s Do This

Armed with a plan and their initial list, participants will create a new campaign using the free tools/templates provided by the program to get started. They will set measurable goals, choose from a variety of campaign objectives and execute on a simple campaign. During the session, we will go over timing, segmenting the list, how to measure results and more. Participants will also learn how to analyze stats, measure engagement and eliminate the term failure.  Participants will have access to free tools and templates for better analysis and tracking what worked.

Session 7 - The Real Power of Your Local Network: Influencers, Collaboration and Co-Marketing

You probably know more of the right people than you think you do. This session is less about finding your audience and more about connecting with like-minded people, groups and organizations and figuring out how you can work together to do more. We will go over some of the myths of networking, free tools that make it easy to find collaboration opportunities, knowing how to position the value you can bring to a shared promotion and participants will write a co-marketing proposal.

Session 8 - How To Make More Out of Big Citywide Events: SXSW, ACL and other Crowd Pleasers

Millions of people visit Austin every year and that influx of visitors is an opportunity whether you are playing on stage or not. With so many people coming into town, there are a lot of ways to leverage that crowd to gain more visibility, grow your list, and book a show that’s off the beaten path. Topics will include ways to work with the city and other organizations, alternatives revenue opportunities during the event, important “me too” promotions to help you take advantage of the timing and more.

About the Instructor: Julie Niehoff

Julie PicJulie Niehoff will be the Lead Instructor for this series, responsible for curriculum development, production of materials and speaker coordination. Other professionals in marketing and key local leaders will be invited to speak at several of the sessions. Those visitors will answer participant questions in a town hall style segment, encouraging real interaction and helpful group discussion.

Julie Niehoff is a speaker, author and marketing leader with significant experience in adult education. She was named a top small business influencer in 2011 by Small Business Trends Magazine and was invited in 2014 by Arianna Huffington to be a contributor for The Huffington Post.  She writes regularly about small business, nonprofits, marketing, social media, technology, growth strategy, local business, the arts and more.

Julie is the former Director of Education for Constant Contact, Inc. playing a key role in developing the company’s successful education program across the US, in Canada and in the UK since 2006. Julie has personally coached more than 100,000 small business and nonprofit professionals in live, classroom workshops since 2006 while working to scale the company’s reach by managing curriculum development and training 200+ authorized local experts, who collectively taught more than one million people over the past five years in free, live, local classes.

Niehoff served on the board of Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations from 2009-2013; served on the Marketing Communications Committee for the Association of Fundraising Professionals International in 2011 and continues to serve on the Marketing Committee for Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, starting in 2012.

Julie lives in Austin, Texas and is a mother of three. Her husband of 20+ years is a producer and popular blues musician. Niehoff studied Music at The University of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship for Vocal Performance and is currently enrolled in graduate studies for Marketing Management at the Harvard Extension School.

Upcoming Offerings

Fall Semester:
Wednesdays: 9/6, 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29, 12/13
Classes held bi-weekly
10 AM – 4 PM

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Fall Registration Begins June 2017

* Eligible for AmeriCorps education award funds and Hazlewood Act tuition exemption program