Wisdom is more than knowledge.  It is an act of imagination, an ability to think outside established or conventional patterns.
It is application in a way that promotes and inspires good.  Therefore, it needs to be honest, replete with integrity and truth …
The wise are those who can see the bigger picture, whose horizons are broadest, whose vision is clearest, who live in the light.

Compiled from Curnow, Trevor, Wisdom: A History.  Reaktion Books, 2015.

Belt and Suspenders: Redundancy in Risk Practice

By Melanie Lockwood Herman "Daring and prudence, when used together, lead to new and safe structures." - Why Buildings Fall Down I was reminded of several risk practice fundamentals this week while reading a fascinating book, Why Buildings Fall Down. The book...

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Motivate Me

Have you ever spent an entire day searching for motivation to complete a few simple tasks? Whether your to-do list includes a few loads of laundry, the resorting of your sock drawer, or a report your board has requested repeatedly, feeling demotivated–and guilt-ridden because of it–is a familiar emotion for most. Or perhaps you’ve experienced the opposite–a rush of frenetic can-do energy that fuels your completion of multiple tasks along with the supreme sense of satisfaction that accompanies accomplishing something.

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Your Nonprofit’s Role in Reframing the Post-Election Discourse

What should we do as members of the nonprofit sector to assess the impact of this election on the sector’s future well-being? What should we pay attention to as we try to figure out what the election means for the landscape of ideas in which we operate, the work that we do, and the goals that we strive to achieve? How are we to think of our roles in bringing communities together to improve outcomes for all people, protect habitats, and make the world a more peaceful place? How can we continue to lead organizations with long histories that transcend presidents and parties to successfully provide services? The current context is fraught with both peril and puzzle.

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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Meeting Performance

Many of the employees we meet in Center-led Risk Assessments yearn for a more generous communications loop in their organizations. Our team has also observed the growing interdependency of work tasks and the need for thoughtful collaboration and communication. Email and instant messaging may feel like time-saving communications tools, but they are poor substitutes for face-to-face meetings.

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Networking Know-How

By Emily Stumhofer Nonprofit leaders often wear multiple hats and many of us begin our workday with an impossible to-do list and a packed schedule. Once you have a clear schedule and routine, there may be little time left for workplace activities that aren't...

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