Pay What You Can

Our Pay What You Can (PWYC) sliding scale.

On many of our offerings, we will be offering PWYC pricing.  We will use an honor system. We won’t require you to disclose your income or program budgets. In return, we ask that you determine the price that is truly right for you. By doing so, our classes remain available to those who could not otherwise afford them. Please consider purchasing a ticket at a stretch (but not a hardship) PWYC price.

For most of our June and July offerings, the pricing scale will work like this:


Full Price $30
Help cover the cost so someone else can attend
*Add your own amount in $10 increments
PWYC $20
PWYC $10
If you have a situation that prevents you from paying, please contact me to see if there are funds available to cover the cost of your ticket.


Certificate Offerings

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