Meeting Rachel, with her warm demeanour and down-to-earth approach, you might never guess that you were talking to a top Business Development Consultant.  But you will know what you’ve got once she begins her presentation.  She has an informal style of delivery and is adept at putting participants at ease and promoting contributions from all.

Rachel brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in business development; project development, management, and administration; education, and sales to every client and project.  Her work experience spans the globe.  She has been in leadership positions in both U.S. and Australian industries.

The past few years, Rachel has had the opportunity to work extensively with local government authorities, not-for-profit organisations, and education institutions, to secure funding, write policy, develop and manage projects, develop and deliver corporate workshops, and facilitate business and strategic planning.

She is now back home in Texas, after 20 years abroad, bringing her wealth of experience to the community as TexAussie Consulting, LLC.