Motivation and You

This module will introduce you to some of the key “attitudinal” elements of the internship environment and will help you to recognize the role self-motivation plays in the internship process itself and in the development of your resume document and your interviewing capability.

At the end of this module, given the materials and resources available in Module 1, students will be able to:
Identify two motivational elements that are critical to the development of an internship preparation effort.

The next video in the student career prep series features Carla Crull, SME Recruiter of Rackspace as she speaks about attributes on the line between Start and Finish.

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Additional Resources

“Organizations want to hire people who are in touch with what motivates them”, in this article publish by Stevenson University learn how motivation plays an important part in making YOU a more desirable candidate to employers.

The Importance of Motivation: What Drives You Should Drive Your Career Direction | Stevenson University