Support for Internship Instructors

The OCEI provides training for instructors that outline support functions, options, recommended best practices and NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) guidelines regarding internships.

The OCEI is here to help support your role as an Internship Instructor by providing:

  • Internship opportunities, boards, and leads for each department

  • Standardized Internship Agreements/MOUs* and Evaluation forms

  • Basic understanding of insurance provided by ACC

  • Online modules to assist students with interview tips, resumes, cover and recommendation letters

  • Data collection including employer database by semester, employer and student surveys

  • Internship interview sessions for your internship course between students and area employers

  • A coordinator available to assist instructors with best practices, advice, curriculum support, speaker recruitment, interview session scheduling, and placement assistance

*Required per ACC Administrative Rules