Your Resume and You

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • identify key attributes of an effective resume

  • develop an effective accomplishment statement

  • create an effective resume based on your own self-assessment of your skills and experiences

The first resume video features Carla Crull, SME Recruiter with Rackspace,  she discusses the various types of resumes and provides industry advice and tips for developing your resume.

Click the link below to watch now:

Our second resume video features Ed Kelly, Statewide Data Collector with the Texas Department of Information Resources as he provides tips on creating a clear and concise professional resume using key words found by today’s HR screening tools.  Click on the link below to watch now:

Internships: A Try Before You Buy Arrangement – This article highlights the purpose, importance and benefits of internships.

Click the link below to read this article now:

Additional Resume Resources

Self- Assessment for Resume Writing