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Elizabeth Williams

Adjunct Faculty


French Photographer Marc Riboud once said “Photography is about savoring life at 1/100th of a second”. I love his choice of words- to savor, not capture. ‘Savor’ suggests a hint of something that lingers on, past that initial moment; an experience that you can delight in or simply dwell on.

I love taking photographs of just about anything that peaks my interest (which is a lot!). And adventurer at heart, I shoot primarily travel, street photography and abstracts; loving getting lost in the moment (or connecting with someone from half way around the world).

I love sharing my passion with others through teaching photography- helping folks find their own voice through the images they create.

When not teaching, doing freelance photography or hiking with my dog Cara, I travel- seeking new adventures, those threads that bind us, and the best chocolate on the planet.