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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new or interested in the program. Where do I start?

Thank you for your interest in our program. Here is some information to get you started:

To be able to register you must first complete the ACC application process.
A step by step of that process can be found here: http://www.austincc.edu/apply-and-register/enrollment-steps
More information for prospective students can be found here: http://www.austincc.edu/future/

If you find that you will need to visit a campus Admissions office and/or Advising office, here is a list of their offices and their hours: http://www.austincc.edu/support-and-services/services-for-students/academic-advising

The Photographic Technology Department and all of its classes are located on the Northridge campus or in our nearby studio.
Information on our current degree plans can be found here under the heading Photographic Technology:http://www.austincc.edu/marketing/available-degrees-certificates-awards.php

You can start any semester. Our introductory course is available during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.
Our beginning course is PHTC 1311 Fundamentals of Photography, this course contains both a camera lecture and digital lab component. Please read the course description for required equipment.

Tuition and fees are the amount you pay for classes at ACC. This amount varies, depending on your residency status the number of credits you take, and any additional course-related fees or other changes. The tuition and fees chart can be found here. For information on financial aid, use this link: http://www.austincc.edu/tuition-and-financial-aid/obtain-financial-aid


I've already taken Photography 101 at ___ University will my class transfer?

I am not an adviser so I can’t give you a specific answer to your question.
For a detailed review of your transcript you will have to contact the ACC Advising Department. Here is a list of their offices and their hours: http://www.austincc.edu/support/hours.php
Also here is a map of their locations. http://www.austincc.edu/locations/general.php

Generally speaking, University classes do not fulfill our requirements because we are a specialized Workforce Program geared to vocational study.

In addition to our unique curriculum, our class size is capped at 12 students and our instructors are all former/current professional photographers.


What kind of camera do I need?

For specific information on supplies needed for your Fundamentals of Photography class you will need to contact your instructor.

Here is some general information to get you started…


1. From the course schedule for Fundamentals of Photography: “{Beginning Digital Photo Class} Students MUST furnish a digital camera capable of capturing in the RAW format with some manual controls.

2. If you are planning on being a professional photographer and/or continuing in our program beyond the Fundamentals of Photography class, you will need a DSLR camera.

3. We have some equipment (lenses, strobe lighting, etc.) available for check out to our students. We do carry a large variety of Canon and Nikon lenses and accessories.

3. Keep in mind that the technology keeps advancing and that whatever your purchase now may not be the camera you use in 5 years or even in 2.


You will need at least one lens that encompasses the 35-50mm focal length, a tripod, and at least 2 memory cards.

Please remember these are general notes for PHTC 1311 Fundamentals of Photography, your instructor may have more specific requirements.

Student Discounts:





Internships/How can I hire a student photographer?
Thank you for your interest in our student photographers. We would be happy to post your information to our jobs bulletin board.  Please email The.dpp@austincc.edu with the following information: Contact Name, Phone Number, Type of Work, Number of Hours, Pay rate and Location.  Please note all negotiations are up to the client (you) and the photographer (student).

Program Inquiries

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