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Bill Woodhull

Dept. Chair

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Cinematography and Photography from Stephen F. Austin State University and also attended East Texas State University as well as the University of Texas at Arlington. After graduation I went to work in Houston making multi-image slide shows, and continued that field thru a move to Austin in 1984. In 1985 the opportunity to move to the computer and produce images led to a position with The Color Place, a professional photo lab that had just moved to Austin that year. In 1987 I opened my photography studio in an old building in downtown Round Rock where he did both portrait and commercial work. 

At the beginning of the Spring semester in 1990 the opportunity to teach at ACC came available and I jumped at the chance. With a combination of teaching and photographing I decided to move the studio home and this led to another new door opening for my career. 

In 1995 an offer to do digital photography led to a position with the Digital Design Studio and a lot of work with 3M. My other clients included King Ranch, Jeep Collins, 50 off Stores and various other catalog based companies. 

1997 brought the chance to become a full time Professor and in August
of 2005 I was named the Department Chair.

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