ACC Fuel Card Program

Topics Covered

  • General Vehicle Use and Upkeep
  • Fuel Card Manual
  • Monthly Reports through Fleet Commander Online

General Vehicle Use and Upkeep

The following information is based on Administrative Rule # 7.03.002, 7.02.001, 3.06.002.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees who are assigned a college vehicle because of their work responsibilities are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Provide preventive maintenance on the vehicle – follow the manufacturer’s service schedule
  • Keep the vehicle clean and drive it responsibly and only for college purposes
  • Maintain mileage and service records
  • Ensure the vehicle has a valid fuel card
  • Each college vehicle must carry an insurance certificate
  • Ensure the vehicle meets safety standards
  • Do not use cell phones for any purpose while the vehicle is in motion

Vehicle Damage

If a vehicle experiences body damage, the EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) Department must be informed as soon as possible. The insurance carrier may order an appraisal of the damaged vehicle. EHS will coordinate with the carrier and the department. The damage will be repaired at an approved contracted vendor and all records must be forwarded to the EHS Department for the purposes of keeping accurate records on that vehicle.
Accidents must also be reported to the Campus Police and EHS.
The department to which the vehicle is assigned is responsible for any and all charges related to the vehicle.

  • The department is responsible for payment of any insurance deductibles.
  • All quotes over $1,000 need to be submitted to the Purchasing Department for review and approval.
  • If the college is reimbursed for any vehicle damage, the reimbursement will be placed in the department’s budget.

Maintenance and Services

Vehicles are to be taken to an approved contracted vendor for repair. Contact Purchasing for the list of vendors.
General vehicle services such as oil changes, car washes, flat-tire repair, etc. can be done at any vendor that accepts the ACC fuel card. Departments will be notified by the Facilities Department when a service is due.
The department to which the vehicle is assigned is responsible for maintaining copies of receipts to document that the work was performed.

Key Control

Budget authorities are to keep two sets of keys.

  • 1 set is to be accessible to drivers.
  • 1 set is to be locked up as a back-up. Only the budget authority or designated employee may have access.

Insurance and Safety

Each college vehicle must carry a current insurance card. Cards are distributed to the budget authority at renewal by the EHS department.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicles are required to have the ACC logo decal. The logo must be used according to the college’s approved graphic standards. It must not be rekeyed, redrawn, re-proportioned, added to, or modified. Only the official, approved version(s) of the logo are appropriate for use. The Austin Community College logo is a registered trademark and must never be altered in any way.  All ACC artwork that will be used by external companies or vendors must be requested directly through Public Information & College Marketing. This will ensure that graphics are set up correctly for printing, and that any legally required trademark usage agreements are on file with the College. Contact Public Information & College Marketing for questions regarding the logo decal.

Toll Tags

For information on toll tags contact Tony Torres in the Warehouse.

Fuel Card

The person to whom the vehicle is assigned is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle has a fuel card. Fuel cards are administered by the Purchasing Department.

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