Developing a Strategy for Content Review and User Experience Testing

A sub-group of the team met to discuss strategy for content review, and to begin planning for user research focusing on the task completion scenarios provided to us by the outside consultant.

At this point in the process we are working toward a “state of the web report” known as the Web Assessment Report. As stated in the creative brief, this report addresses the following topics.

  • Audiences Strengths and weaknesses
  • Summary of data that was reviewed and gathered
  • List of critical attributes
  • Guiding principals and goals
  • Proposed plan for representing campus constituencies and collecting feedback
  • Recommended timetable
  • Budget impact
  • Proposed administrative model for sustaining the website
  • Summary of data that was collected

The Web Assessment Report is our first milestone and we are planning to have that complied by August. The Web Assessment Report is going to be the guidepost for the next steps in the Web Redesign Project.

The consensus of the group was to begin analyzing content, not necessarily re-writing it. We want to identify our strengths and weaknesses as far as content within our scope goes, so we can develop a plan of attack when it comes to developing, formatting, and producing content for the redesign.

The group also wants to begin planning for our user testing. Social media, soliciting students at orientation events, and other avenues will be used to recruit students to participate. The group that it was key to have a diverse set of users testing the website, which included a users computer skill set, as well as other factors.

Updates to these two tasks will be reported moving toward the Web Assessment Report milestone.

Analysis from an outside expert has been made available to the team. ACC will enter into contract with Stewart Foss of eduStyle to provide the group with his services. Stewart and his team will provide the group with a 10 page report that includes specific recommendations to help improve the design and usability of our site. It also includes code samples and examples of best practices. This report will be incorporated into the Web Assessment Report overall.

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