Registration Communications

Update: Post-Schedule Change Period, Fall 2015

Good Afternoon:

All schedule change registration for the fall 2015 16-week, -week and first 8-week session ended on Tuesday, August 25 at 5:00 p.m. Students who did not pay or make payment arrangements by the August 25 deadline will be dropped for non-payment on Tuesday evening. In addition, students who were out of compliance with the Texas meningitis immunization requirement will also be dropped from classes. The refund and withdrawal process continues, following the dates published in the course schedule.

Students who inquire about adding courses at this point should be directed to any of the later starting courses, including the 12-week session, the second 8-week and other later-starting teaching sessions. All registration systems are continuously open and available to use for classes in teaching sessions that have not yet started.

REMINDER: ACC’s registration and schedule change policy and guidelines are attached here

All general registration information can be found at

If a student believes that documented college error or extenuating circumstances warrant an appeal of the schedule change deadline for a late-registration, a referral must be made to the appropriate, campus-based Assistant Dean. If you have information to share with the Assistant Dean that would aid in the decision making process, please use a student referral form to describe the circumstances as you understand them.

Procedures for handling class limit overload requests can be found on the President’s org reference site at: Class limit Overload Procedures

Upon the approval of the course addition or change, the approver must complete a schedule change form.

The forms must be completely filled out with:
a. Student’s full name
b. Student’s ACC ID number (or SSN)
c. Course abbreviation, course number, section/lecture number and synonym
d. The start and end dates of the session
e. Signature and contact telephone number of the designated authority
f. Course override permission (when required)

It is the responsibility of the staff signing the schedule change forms to ascertain that no time or day conflict occurs with the student’s established course schedule, that the student has met pre- or co-requisite course requirements and that the student has no active registration holds. Students who have not met their meningitis requirement cannot be added to classes in teaching sessions that have already started.

The student should bring the completed form to any campus Admissions and Records Office. Registration is completed at the time the student submits the form, except in the case of omissions on the form or other issues that cause further research before registration can be done. Students should obtain a new fee receipt from the Cashier’s Office in the case of all changes, to determine if any additional charges are incurred. If additional tuition is incurred, payment must be received within one working day of the submission of the schedule change card to maintain enrollment in the course(s).

New Students
New students wishing to apply and register should be directed to the course offerings in sessions that have not yet started.

Developmental Education and Level Changes only:
Between August 25 and September 9, developmental education, science, math, and foreign language departments may initiate course changes and level changes for students, as determined appropriate by the departmental faculty. Departmental staff should use the Schedule Change Form to make the requested changes. When the change results in the addition of credit hours to the student’s schedule, payment must be made for the additional credits added to the schedule.

When filling out the form, the initiator should review the students’ records to ascertain that no time or day conflict occurs with the student’s established course schedule, that the student has no holds barring him from registration, and that the student has met pre- or co-requisite course requirements

Thank you and best wishes for a great semester~