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ESOL Course Offering Changes and Updates

Please be aware of the course section changes for Level 1 ESOL courses (Level 1 is the only level that has changed.)  These courses were previously co-listed and integrated as College Credit and Continuing Education sections, however they are now offered now exclusively through Continuing Education.  Please note that the cancelled credit course shows an “x” — this refers solely to the credit side and the important message is that the Continuing Education sections have not been canceled. 

Please refer all students who place into these courses to the URL link provided in the credit course schedule:

ESOL 0380 Writing and Grammar 1, ESOL 0340 Oral Communication 1, and ESOL 0360 Reading and Vocabulary 1 instruction is offered through Continuing Education as COMG 1000. See schedule at

All questions can be referred to Shannon Bailey at (512) 223-7452.

Thank you!