We are currently accepting submissions for the 2019 screening of RTF Establishing Shots.  Please submit film you shot in the spring, 2019 semester.

All production classes need to submit their projects by deadline for archiving purposes whether they wish to be in the showcase or not.

Below are the encoding specs and recommendations for encoding your film both for RTF’s SXSW screening and RTF’s Establishing Shots screenings.

On the file, we need your film to have 3 seconds of black at the head of the program and 3 seconds of black on the tail.  Also, the file should not have any color bar, count down, or slate in the beginning. Please make sure your final audio mix is an average of -6db. And lastly, the files should be labeled correctly with the complete film title, your name, and class.

File Extension: .mp4
Compression Codec: H.264
Max Bit rate: 24Mbps
Audio: MPEG- AAC, Stereo or 5.1, 48khz, 256kbps
Resolution: 1920X1080
Frame Rate: 23.98 or 24 or 25

We strongly encourage using the Adobe Media Encoder’s Vimeo present. Start with the Vimeo 1080p HD preset under Web Video/Vimeo. Then modify the preset by changing the bitrate to 24Mbs on the Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): slider.

Please use the following naming parameters when naming your files, film name_your name_class_f_ for films. Be sure to include the name of your film in the subject line of all emails.

Please hand your file on a Mac formatted flash drive directly to Kevin Anderson in NRG 4140

You may also deliver your file via Dropbox by clicking here.

Please fill out the submission form on Google


Note: you must click on SUBMIT to deliver the form.  If you click EDIT to create a new entry, you’ll erase your current entry.