FromAssoctoBProduction Studio

Welcome to the “Bat Cave”

The RTF production studio is located at the Northridge campus in building 4000 where students receive hands-on instruction with professional grade digital video, audio and lighting equipment while working towards Workforce Certificates and/or Associates Degrees. The production studio contains a 180 square foot shooting stage, camera shading room, television control switcher and graphics room, audio control room, studio production equipment staging cages, and location production equipment checkout room.


RTF Studio 4142 Schedule and Booking Requests

The calendar below shows the daily classes and events in our Production Studio, Room 4142. Studio times have been set aside for current RTF students in Production classes to use for auditions, student class project taping, ADR, and tutoring labs hours. These times are also used for staff maintenance, guest lectures, and tours. Available “Open” times are in yellow; as a session becomes “Booked”, the block will turn red. Spaces for these sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

As the semester progresses, priority is given to students in the advanced production classes to finish their media projects. During the beginning of the semester, Tutoring Labs are posted on our Announcements Page for the students in RTVB 1305 “TV Tech” classes. These are designed as group sessions, with a limited number of slots available for each posted session. Lab sessions are cancelled if no one signs up by the booking deadline. All requests for using the studio must be submitted via the Studio Booking Request Form.  The deadline for booking a Friday evening or a Saturday session is 5:00PM the Wednesday of that week. Once a session is confirmed, the calendar is updated.

Fill in and submit a studio booking request form. You will receive a response by email.