Student Profiles

Claire King, on track to earn an Associates of Arts Degree this summer,

talks with us about being a student and TA.


RTF: What classes have taken so far?

Claire: (Laughing) It’s more like what classes I have not taken so far!

Claire 1

I’m in Film History right now and I look forward to taking TV Production Workshop II and Directing. I love that these two new classes offer something different: in TV-2, you can concentrate on documentary style film making, and web series; then for Directing, you create a narrative and make it come to life with your small crew of people. In both, you go through the entire process from script writing all the way to the finished product of your film.


RTF: You’re also a Teaching Assistant with us (TV Prod I and TV Tech). How would you describe the TA job?

Claire: It’s kind of being the professor’s second set of eyes and ears. It’s also great way of solidifying what you know. I’m still a student, yet I’m taking all the information I’ve recently learned and share it with all the students who are a little bit behind me.

RTF: What you tell somebody who’s thinking about studying RTF at ACC? 

Claire: I started in theatre, and I decided I wanted to come over to film. I feel like when I came to this department I found my tribe of people that I will most likely work with for the rest of my life. I’ve told people that this is a place for everyone; so if you’re more into writing, then maybe the script writing class would be best. If you want learn how to operate a camera, or more technical things like that, there’s a place for you here too. There are different kinds of filmmaking, and you can learn any or all of them here.

Claire 2I thought that I wanted to be an editor. Editing in film began with women, and I have a great interest in storytelling, and I’ve always loved writing, so I thought that’s where I would go. But since then, I’ve learned so many different areas of filmmaking – I love directing now; and I love lighting. There’s such a great benefit to knowing all of those different areas, no matter where you choose to go to in the end. It’s really fun; you get to explore different things you’re interested in and learn important things about yourself.

My issue is that I love so many different things that it’s hard to pinpoint what I want to do. Editing is still in the running, but there are experiences I’ve had outside of class too. I’ve done videography, and writing; so I haven’t quite figured that out where I’m gong – but I’m working on it.