We are the classroom without walls.

Eastview (EVC)


EVC_500If you’re looking for a glimpse of the future on the east side of Austin, look no further than Eastview Campus. Best known as the home campus for students training in nursing and EMT certification, it is located on Webberville and Govalle Road. It is the only ACC campus that has two buildings that are across the street from each other with a skyway connecting them.

Eastview is well known for its Health Science programs, fostering careers in Radiology, Dentistry, Pharmacology, and Phlebotomy as part of the Medical Lab Technology program. Dental students have the advantage of an on staff dentist. When students are doing their internship they can see actual patients as part of the process depending on the time of year. Also the campus of choice for the professional foodie, the Culinary Arts program is a facet of EVC that stands out. Talented student chefs run both lunch and dinner operations for Bistro 3158 every semester. Workforce Solutions is also partnered with ACC at this campus, and they work with Capital Idea helping people file for unemployment or retrain to reenter the workforce. For eligible applicants, they provide grants to help pay for a semester’s tuition at ACC.

Meet our Staff

Mauri Winters
Student Life Coordinator

Lionel Lopez
Student Life Specialist


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