We are the classroom without walls.

Northridge (NRG)


Serving a little over 9,000 students last Spring, Northridge Campus has ACC’s highest enrollment. Home to a wide variety of degree specialties, Northridge is suited to students NRG_500of many interests. In the on-campus recording studio, students eager to break into music or Commercial Music Management can get their hands on the knobs and levels, mastering their fellow students’ vocals to a perfect pitch. The Choral/Vocal program at Northridge provides those singing students an opportunity to perform in a choir ensemble or work on solo skills.

For the more computer-oriented students, Northridge’s Computer Studies program offers degrees or certificates in Animation, Graphic Arts and Illustration, and is home to the widely popular Gaming Institute, for anyone who has their heart set on being the mastermind behind the next big game. For students who are a little more down to earth, the Physical Science department is about 610 feet down. Northridge is home to a 610 foot deep well that is used in partnership between ACC’s Environmental Science and Technology departments and Austin area secondary schools to teach students about local geology and environmental science.

Meet our Staff

Timothy Prata
Student Life Coordinator


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