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Experiential Leadership


The Experiential Leadership programming area allows students to explore their own leadership potential through employment opportunities, personal and professional development workshops, and recognition programs. This area looks to educate students on a broad spectrum of leadership and prepare students for leadership opportunities outside of ACC.

Leadership workshops will enhance skills to help you develop and grow throughout your time at ACC and beyond. Look out for information on the upcoming Business Etiquette event and other opportunities throughout the school year. Check out upcoming events on MySL

Riverbat Ambassadors are accepting applications now! Join this elite group of students to share important opportunities to engage with Student Life and college-wide programs and promote Riverbat Pride to all students, faculty, staff, and potential students. Take part in a training series, build your resume, and improve your campus in a fun and exciting way with this hourly opportunity.

Weston W. Eng
Hometown: Keller, Texas
AOS: Liberal Arts
Major: Russian Language
I am ACC because I enjoy learning and here at ACC I can get a high quality education at a great price!

James Lee
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
AOS: Business
Major: Economics
I am ACC because it’s helping me to “get there”.

Siavash Omidvarnia
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
AOS: Health Sciences
Major: Biochemistry/Pre-Dental
I am ACC because want to transfer to a four-year university. After all the researching I did to find a good community college I came to the result that ACC has one of the best percentage of transferring to universities such as UT Austin and Texas State.

Sami Kim
Hometown: Austin, Texas
AOS: Arts, Digital Media, and Communications
Major: 2D Animation
I am ACC because I was born in and grew up in Austin. Not only can I prepare for my career in the comfort of my hometown, but I can connect to all sorts of different people. I’ve been given so many opportunities to meet people, experience new things, and make connections. I love the classes offered, campuses available, and staff of ACC!

Stephanie Ramirez
Hometown: Conroe, Texas
AOS: Liberal Arts
Major: Government
I am ACC because I knew this place was a good environment to start my college years.

Megan Powell
Hometown: Lindale, Texas
AOS: Liberal Arts
Major: General Studies
I am ACC because ACC is a nurturing environment that has helped make my transition from high school to college effortless and fun.

Najala Shabazz
Hometown: Killeen, Texas
AOS: Liberal Arts
Major: General Studies
I am ACC because good people make an amazing and welcoming community.

Raylene Cantu
Hometown: Whittier, California
AOS: Education
Major: Education Instruction
I am ACC because I am proudly the vice-president for the student led organization CKI and a Riverbat Ambassador! I’m always happy to get involved in student activities and help new students feel more welcomed and informed in their new surroundings. I’ve been very blessed being able to attend ACC & create bonds with all my fellow Riverbats!

Jeff Colombo
Hometown: DeWitt, Michigan
AOS: Science, Engineering, and Math
Major: Chemistry
I am ACC because of the friendships and connections I’ve created during the time I’ve been here.

Danielle Hammer
Hometown: Austin, Texas
AOS: Public and Social Services
Major: American Sign Language Interpreter Training
I am ACC because I am in charge of my education.

Eric Tuan Tran
Hometown: Vietnam
AOS: Computer Science & Information Technology
Major: Computer Information System
I am ACC because I appreciate the opportunities, tools and resources that ACC had offered for me in the last 3 years, so I hope I can help my fellow students to utilize them as well to succeed on both their educational and professional paths.

François Halbach
Hometown: Paris, France
AOS: Computer Science & Information Technology
Major: Network Security/Administration
I am ACC because it’s never too late to start.

Program Overview

The R.B. Ambassador program is looking for students from all campuses, Areas of Study, and backgrounds to fill their open positions. Students should have a desire to learn, unlock their leadership potential, and represent Austin Community College and Student Life at events.

Liz Morris
Student Life Coordinator