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Student Media

Student Media opportunities provide experience in journalism, design, photography, media, marketing, and public relations. Current projects include Life4U magazine and Student Life Chronicle web series.

To volunteer as a guest host of the SL Chronicle or volunteer for the Life4U magazine please email: editor@austincc.edu.

The Student Life Chronicle is ACC Student Life’s web series. Launched in 2015, the Chronicle features spotlight stories about ACC events, clubs & organizations and student opportunities. In Fall 2017 the Chronicle will begin its 6th season.

Current Episode

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Watch more episodes at: bit.ly/accentslc

Life4U, ACC’s back-to-school magazine!

Life4U is produced by Student Media and features articles and artwork by ACC students. Check it out for important information for the semester, news on upcoming events and tips for college success. Physical copies are available in the red kiosks on your campus or in your campus Student Life Office.