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Student Testimonials:

• I am the funds coordinator hired post-Katrina. I do volunteer coordination,benefit execution and logistics, in-take of individuals, businesses, and groups, looking for assistance, tracked donations, and handle social service referrals.
• I work for a not-for-profit organization, which in creating and managing service-learning programs for young people.
• I work for the Home Energy Assistance Target Program. This is a program designed to help individuals in the community who meet standards of poverty with an annual payment to help with their heating expenses over the winter months.
• I am an immigration specialist for a large company. I write petitions for people to receive their H1Bs and green cards.
• I manage the schedule of a State Representative. I research policy and legislation options, organize town hall events, and assisting constituents in accessing state government.
• I handle employment and labor relations, ensuring equal employment opportunity, conflict negotiation, etc. My job functions include recruitment and staffing; classification; employee grievance and appeals; disciplinary actions; workers compensation; benefits; and training and development.
• I work in a branch of the NIMS Integration Center with FEMA called Resource Planning and Coordination. I specifically work coordinating efforts with different entities [state, local, tribal…]
• I am a homeless advocate. I lobby, gather data on the homeless, provide technical assistance for service providers, coordinate and help write grants, and perform administrative tasks
• I conduct program evaluation of an after-school arts program at two sites. This research assistantship is part of the living wage/stipend I receive for my graduate work in the doctoral program in Social Work and Sociology
I am a Marketing Consultant for a Broadcasting company. I consult medium to small businesses on marketing decisions, create commercial and promotional schedules, and write creative commercial copy to air on one of their radio stations
• I work as a real estate consultant. I specialize in helping people all over the country invest in real
estate creatively. I also manage a team of 10 real estate consultants and am responsible for making
sure they are training the company’s clients effectively
I am a Crime Scene Technician. • I am a probation/parole officer in a city. My job duties include supervising and counseling offenders regarding their probation/parole requirements as ordered by the court.
• I am a police officer. My job duties include patrolling, traffic control, fire and medical emergencies, crime abatement, surveillance, public awareness, warrant service, court witness, DUI enforcement, crime scene investigation, death notification, and accident scene investigation.