Are you managing time or is time managing you?

Choose Yes or No for the follow questions

1. I frequently need to respond to crisis or put out fires.

2. I have little time for actually planning ahead and sorting out priorities.

3. When I leave work “on time,” I feel guilty or anxious because of what has been left undone.

4. I have trouble devoting time and energy I would like to family and/or friends.

5. Even when I’m “off duty,” I find it difficult to quit thinking about what is happening at work.

6. I often find myself caught up in busy work or trivia.

7. I don’t have sufficient time to devote to activities that build my professional reputation.

8. Just keeping my head above water is about all I can hope for.

9. I have trouble finding a time system that works well for me.

10. It’s often the same few problems or people that take up a large chunk of time.

Responding “yes” to even or two of these statements may indicate difficulties. Make some time now and plan ahead.


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