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Make Your Classroom a Community (January 2018 CRT)

[4-minute read] Our 2018-2019 calendar emphasizes developing an understanding & responding to the context of your classroom. We start with an inspirational quote, back it up with research, then provide you with classroom application ideas. … Continue reading

Apply to Attend the Global Citizenship Alliance Seminar

ACC International Programs invites applications from ACC faculty to attend the Global Citizenship Alliance seminar (GCA) to be held July 7-14, 2019. This is a competitive opportunity for faculty from across ACC to broaden their understanding of … Continue reading

9 Ways to Stay Sane During Grading Season

ACC GRADES ARE DUE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19TH, 2018 [5-minute read] We know the end of the semester can be hectic for faculty. Psychology Today says that “Productivity results from a mix of factors: motivation, talent, … Continue reading

Self Reflection Around Race is Hard Work (December 2018 CRT)

[2 minute read] Our 2018-2019 calendar emphasizes developing an understanding & responding to the context of your classroom. Our December 2018 blog post was written by Faculty Development Coordinator Chelsea Biggerstaff. “Children learn more from … Continue reading

TLED 2018 Service Awards

Each year Austin Community College celebrates Service Awards. Human Resources has recognized many of our Teaching & Learning Excellence Division staff for their hard work over 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 35, and even 45 … Continue reading

Blackboard Support Gets an Upgrade

Blackboard Support for ACC instructors is getting an upgrade. An entirely new, comprehensive knowledge base is available to answer all your Blackboard questions in one place. Need to copy your course content? Or download a … Continue reading

Call for Speakers: Global Issues Speaker Series

International Programs is seeking ACC faculty who would like to share their global expertise in their Spring 2019 “Global Issues Speaker Series.” Previous topics include: Global Biodiversity in Crisis, Ending Global Hunger, Women-Center Development Projects, … Continue reading

Testing Center Workgroup Recommendations

The content of this post is a copy of what Mike Midgley, VP of Instruction, sent out to all faculty on November 6, 2018. Good afternoon. Earlier this year, as discussed in the attached report, … Continue reading

The Giving Tree 2018

The content of this post is a copy of Eriko Tyner’s email message to be shared with faculty during November 2018. Call for Faculty and Staff Sponsors The Giving Tree is an annual event run … Continue reading

3 Brilliant Reasons to Apply for Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave is a privilege that is intended to benefit both the college and the employee. Leave may be granted for the purpose of personal and/or professional improvement, which will, in turn, benefit the college, through … Continue reading

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