Behind the Scenes, Office of Curriculum Development

The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) has many offices under its umbrella, all of which focus on support services for faculty in one form or fashion. Over the past several months TLED has been working to reorganize these areas and in some cases, 

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renaming them when necessary.

This month, we’re featuring the “Behind the Scenes” work of the newly named Office of Curriculum Development (previously known as Instructional Support Services). Historically, this office reported to the VP of Instruction. While the efforts from this area may be the true definition of what we mean by “behind the scenes,” their functions are extremely important to the infrastructure of Austin Community College. This team of dedicated staff work together to assist deans, department chairs, campus managers, and coordinators with the development of course schedules and catalogs for Credit, Continuing Education, and Adult Education. We are so grateful to have such a strong and detail-oriented team supporting one of the college’s most important roles. 

Furthermore, this group:

  • Ensures award plans and scheduling remains in compliance with state & federal reporting
  • Manages and processes academic & workforce curriculum/program additions, revisions, and expirations
  • Provides guidance & support with course material ordering systems

A webcast hosted by Curriculum Development will be available on Wednesday, October 11, from 10:30am-11:30am. Tune in online to learn about the new initiatives coming from this area, including program mapping, FacultyEnlight, and more.

Get to know the Office of Curriculum Development staff below.

Dianne Olla, Supervisor

With the college since 1989, Dianne has supported Continuing Education; Institutional Planning, Development & Evaluation (then known as Grants); the ACC Foundation; and now the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) Office of Curriculum Development (formerly known as Curriculum Services and Instructional Support Services). Her primary functions include maintaining the course database and course scheduling, and production of the college’s award plans for the ACC Catalog. Dianne also provides support to the Curriculum and Programs Committee which processes any course additions/modifications/expirations as well as changes to any award plans. Her free time often consists of spending time with grandkids or sewing.

Stephanie Benetti, Specialist

Stephanie has worked at Austin Community College for eight years. Stephanie mainly works with Adult Education and the Business, Computer & Technology, Engineering & Emerging Technology, Teaching & Specialized Education and Trades program areas within Continuing Education. Stephanie also enjoys attending yoga and piyo through the ACC Wellness Program.

“We are a small department and have worked together for a long time so we have grown pretty close. I consider them my friends not just my coworkers.”

Georgia Branch, Specialist

Georgia began her career at ACC in 1989 as an Admissions and Records Clerk at the Ridgeview Campus. She has worked in various areas of the college including Library Services and Student Services and has been with the Office of Curriculum Development (formerly Instructional Support Services) since 2008. Georgia is an Austin Community College, ACC Leadership Academy, and Texas State alum. Additionally, she has been serving as the Wellness Team Leader for HBC since 2013 and is a strong advocate for self-care, both mentally and physically. Georgia’s go-to exercise that helps her with both is Yoga.

Sara Petty, Specialist

Sara has worked with Austin Community College for 16 years. Sara mainly works with Community Programs, Health Professions, Corporate Training and Community Partnerships program areas within Continuing Education. Sara is an ACC Leadership Academy alum and happily serves on the ACC Emergency Evacuation Team. If you find this mother of two starring off into the distance, you’ve probably caught her in the midst of bird watching. 

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