Design a Game, October 2017 Sustainable Assignment

2017-18 Teaching and Learning Excellence Division Calendar: Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement and Meaningful Learning

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For October, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division calendar: “Producing Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement” focuses on designing a game as a type of sustainable assignment. One of the goals of teaching and learning excellence is to create engaging learning experiences for students. Traditional assignments typically end when they are graded. Sustainable assignments, on the other hand, can provide meaningful learning experiences that last beyond the classroom.

Sustainable assignments should be student-led. In the case of designing a game, students, individually or in a group, can create their own games based on what they are learning from the course materials or topics. Faculty should encourage creativity in students’ choices of technologies and delivery formats for their games. To share the games, the class can build an online space with all the games categorized by type or the course materials they cover. Games can also be rated in terms of difficulty. Future students can build new games and re-design games from previous semesters.

If you’re an ACC faculty interested in using sustainable assignments for your class, contact a TLED instructional designer.

Want to read about more ideas for sustainable assignments? Visit our TLED calendar page.

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