Library Services Memo: New SirsiDynix Online System for Locating Resources

The content of this post is a copy of what Dr. Julie Todaro, Dean of Library Services, sent out to all faculty on October 20, 2017


We are now five months into our year-long implementation of our new online system for locating resources. Although we have had invitations posted on our webpages and you have received our October 3rd annual letter from our Librarians asking for input and feedback on not just materials purchases this year but also on our new system, please accept this additional invitation to provide input to the design and delivery of this important software.

Opportunities for your feedback include:

1. Attendance at one or more Fall 2017 Classroom Faculty Focus Groups. Specific two-hour blocks of time, refreshments provided and locations are to be announced but please save time on Monday 12/4 and Tuesday 12/5 to attend and offer feedback.

2. Use of our online form. Please continue to use our online feedback form SirsiDynix Issue Reporting Form with a direct link found at this is the same form we have been advertising and we ask that you continue to use it to submit any questions or issues you have related to our new SirsiDynix system.

3. Schedule an appointment with your discipline/subject bibliographer for a tour of the new system and to get specifics of search terms, facets, and other aspects of the system that will make your area more available and “discover-able” to you and your students.

4. Visit our research guides to find out what’s new in your area of expertise but also to find tips and techniques for searching the new online catalog in your area. Not sure what is where? Each guide has the guide author/designer in the right column so email, phone or drop by to schedule a session or ask a question.

If you want more opportunities – we will be scheduling our student focus groups this fall on Wednesday, 12/6 and you should feel free to send your students to these. In addition, we will have a follow-up email (or two) announcing the roll out of other software we purchased with this package.

For those of you who have participated so far, thank you! For those who haven’t, we continue to welcome your input to help us create systems and services that support our students, faculty, and staff.

Julie Todaro, PhD
Dean, Library Services
Austin Community College

HBC, 6th floor

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