Testing Center Memo: Reminders for Spring 2018 Semester

The content of this post is a copy of what Holly Delacroix-DeRouen, Director of Testing, sent out to all faculty on January 18, 2018

Here is some important information from the Instructional Testing Centers that will assist you in your use of our services during the Spring 2018 semester.

Who may use the Instructional Testing Centers

The Instructional Testing Centers were created to serve students enrolled in college credit Distance Learning courses and approved lecture courses that need additional classroom time. Lecture courses not on the approved list for testing may use the Testing Centers but will be restricted to certain services.

Helpful Information for Spring 2018

  • All Instructional Testing Centers will be closed for Spring Break March 12th – 18th and Sunday, April 1st.
  • RGC Instructional Testing Center is CLOSED for testing with the exception of approved RGC lecture courses.
  • The last day to receive exams, transmittal forms, and related test materials for the Spring 2018 semester is Friday, May 4th at 4:00pm for non-weekend campus Testing Centers (EVC, EGN, PIN, HYS) and Saturday, May 5th at 5:00pm for weekend campus Testing Centers (CYP, RRC, NRG, HLC, RVS, SAC).
  • Instructional Testing Centers’ hours and locations can be found on the Instructional Testing webpage link http://www.austincc.edu/support-and-services/services-for-students/testing-services/instructional-testing
  • SAS students whose single accommodation is extended time will test in the Testing Centers. Please see the attached guidelines.
  • An updated version of the Test Transmittal is attached. Please use the online transmittal submission or the updated copy attached. Testing Centers will not accept old copies of transmittals.
  • Faculty Testing Center procedures are attached for your reference.
  • Student Testing Center procedures are attached for your reference.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an Instructional Testing Center, please contact the Campus Testing Supervisor at your home campus or the respective Dean of Student Services.

Have a great Spring semester!

Holly Delacroix-DeRouen, Director of Testing


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